This is a public service announcement for AMR Girlz: The message board is down. Please join us on the backup board HERE. Spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc. Share the link, please…a lot of members don’t know it. Thanks a bunch!

ETA: Eileen, did you get approved yet? I don’t see you online over there. I e-mailed ya…
ETA #2: The original AMR board is now back up and fully loaded! But please save the “back-up board” link in your Favorites….just in case ;-)

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    Back up board won’t let me log in.

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    Where am I? I was out with my sister yesterday….today I’m here looking for a new post from you and getting ready to visit the amr board.

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    Tina Sawyers says:

    I went to All Moments Remebered and registared but I am wondering how long it takes to get the email to activate? I am admittely low on patience so was wondering if anyne could clue me in to how this may take? Thanks


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    Tina Sawyers says:

    Okay, I am confused. I left a post to answer your reply, then checked back and they were both gone. I am probably doing something wrong, but wanted to post my answer again just to be on the safe side: I registered as Tina S for the AMR board. Thanks

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    I read you’re blog allot and would like to sign up for AMR. I think I did it correct and am waiting on an invite.

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    I forgot to say that I signed up with the name stampmemories so you know who I am
    I like to stamp and scrappbook.

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