… I just decided to change things up for the holidays. And because the old format was cutting off images along their right side. So, join me now, won’t you, in the Christmas spirit?? This format idn’t perfect either, as it has cut off my Tag Cloud a bit & has farkled up my Blog Roll. But I think we’ll try to live with it for awhile…or do you hate it? Tell me the truth! You’ll still be on Scrap Santa’s “Good List”, I promise…

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    Ohhhh I like it – very much in the holiday spirit!

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    Love the new look!! I need to update mine but don’t really know how to do it. :)

    I have that basic grey coming in! I think it is gorgeous. Wont be shipping for a while though. :(

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    FOr me it was really hard to read – overlapping and such. Sorry!

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    Hard to read but I like it anyhow.

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    I really like! Very festive and just in time for the holidays :)

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    Hi! This post (No, You’re not lost) works fine, but the BG post overlapped the words with the Blogroll on the left and was hard to read.

    I like the festive Christmas though!

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    Happy Thanksgiving Erika

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    sunnyncolorado says:

    Wow, I thought I had gone to the wrong blog. Love it! Hopefully you can find the papers you are looking for! GOOD LUCK!

    Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


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