Until I can get back to working on my own scrapbook room makeover and posting about it, I thought I’d share this with you: A wonderful scrap room redone by LAURA VEGAS. I’m so envious of her Expedit shelves, trestle table, and that scrapping island! Wow, lucky girl. If money were no object, I would use all the same components she did (except white instead of black), and arrange my goodies in the same way. A scrapper after my own {heart}. Here’s a tease…Enjoy!

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    Robyn de Weerd says:

    Oooo….I could so get LOST in that room! I’m getting majorly inspired (actually thanks to you) to redo mine – we have carpet to lay down in our scrapbook room/office and I’m seriously thinking of kicking my husband and his messy/building/office/bill paying mess out of the room altogether! (love ya Ken) Nice to “meet” you too Erika…here’s to a new “blogship”.


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    I sooooooo wish we had an Ikea in our area. I reeeeeaaaallly want those shelves. Love how she used the blue and the red together too. Thanks for the inspiration, Erika! We can always count on you for great eye candy!

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    I love the “wittines” (new word) of your blog and I can relate, I’m in the middle of relocating and setting up my scrap room….and yep it ain’t easy but reading your blog gave me a push to keep going. Thanks heaps.

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    That is very very cool.

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    What a great room!

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    Jenny McGee says:

    Looks nice, wish I had a scraproom like that.

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