HERE is the prompt from Kellie.


1. Steve Perry – I just want to talk to him. I won’t even make him sing.

2. James Frey – I would like to give him a hug and tell him I’m sorry for how Oprah treated him. That was just all kinds of wrongness, and was the beginning of the end of my worshipping her.

3. Melissa McCarthy – Did you see my LAST LIST?

4. Jorge Cruise – His BELLY FAT CURE books have changed the way I view nutrition, and he seems like a bouncy, uplifting person.

5. Andrea Bocelli – I *would* make him sing for me.

6. Kyle Chandler – No worries, I would bring my husband. It would all be on the up and up! Sheesh.

7. Whoever invented martinis.

8. Whoever invented Starbucks.

9. Whoever invented Old Navy sweatpants. WHAT!?!? These are life-changers, people! I need to thank somebody!

10. My online scrapbookie friend Abby. We’ve “talked” for years but live on opposite sides of the country. I would love to meet her in person. And we will someday.

So where’s your list? Leave a linkee below if you like :)

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    I would love to meet Jorge Cruise too. :)

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    I met Dave Ramsey but I’d love a chance to sit down and really talk to him. I adore that man. His books have done so much for us but then – he inspired several of my kids. He’s amazing and transcends generations.

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    I love your lists…I too would like to meet the inventor of Martini’s while I am wearing my Old Navy sweat pants.

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    awwww! how sweet! i made your top 10 list! fingers crossed we meet some day!

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    Karen Moore says:

    I just discovered your posts on your lists. I LOVE making lists and having been trying to include a list every week in my Project Life pages. My #1 person to meet was easy because it was George Clooney and he’s my #1 answer to alot of things! (lol) Looking forward to seeing future lists you come up with!

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