Wow, how surprising, I’ve fallen behind (eye roll). It’s just so very shocking because I’m normally known for my astonishing promptness (not). So better late than never … here is my latest list for “52 LISTS IN 52 WEEKS” inspired by a prompt from KELLIE.


1. Grey’s Anatomy – This is my “you’d better leave mom alone or I’ll … well SOMETHING really bad and threatening” show every Thursday night … except when they show reruns which is annoyingly often. If I ever met McDreamy in person, I just know I would run my hands through his lovely hair. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself.

2. Real Housewives of Everywhere – This is my guiltiest pleasure. I have watched every episode, every season, every city. {Gah, that’s actually depressing when you add up all those hours I could’ve been doing something useful with my life}. But like any reality train wreck show, I watch to see lives that are so different than mine and behavior that is SO far from any that I would participate in. In other words, them bee-yotches is crazy … and I love it!

3. Napoleon Dynamite – I love this animated version of one of my favorite movies. They have all the original characters doing the voices. There are many shout outs to fans of the movie. Off-beat, quirky humor that makes me snorkle.

4. House Hunters International – It’s like a house hunting show and a travel show all in one. Instead of seeing the nice pretty version of foreign countries, you get to see inside the homes of people who live there, what is “normal” for their culture, how much real estate costs overseas, etc. I’m fascinated by things like washing machines in the kitchen and showers with no doors.

5. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette – Another show I’ve watched every episode of since the beginning except that I’m boycotting this season of The Bachelor because I can’t believe they picked this guy, Ben. But they will reel me back in with The Bachelorette because I just read in People magazine that it’s going to be Emily. I can’t wait to see how that goes!

6. Chef Roble’ and Company – He’s cute, smart, and an insane chef. He books off-the-wall events like a vegan kosher Thai party or a doggie wedding. His sister/partner is a hot mess and his staff is funny and cool. It makes me smile.

7. The New Girl – I started watching it for Zooey … but I fell in love with it because of Schmidt. He is one of the best comedic characters to come along in a while. I love the dynamic of all the friends and Zooey is just sweeter than honey bee.

8. Mike & Molly – I laugh out loud numerous times per episode. Mike’s mom is a freakin’ crackup and Melissa McCarthy can deliver a funny line better than any female on TV right now. She even makes carrying laundry up the stairs hilarious. She is my BFF … she just doesn’t know it yet.

9. Switched at Birth – One my family enjoys together. I love how they cover the issues of dealing with the switch, and also the deaf characters. The teens in the show get themselves into bad situations and unlike some other teen shows, they show that there are bad consequences to the mistakes.

10. American Idol/So You Think You Can Dance – I’m combining these because they are similar “talent” shows and air at different times of the year. I enjoy seeing what amazingly talented young people are out there. The way they can sing and dance really moves me. I’m so happy when my favorites move on and heartbroken when they get sent home. It’s like I adopt them for a little while in my heart. {Speaking of which, did you hear Danny Gokey just got married!?!? He’s the one whose first wife died like 3 weeks before he auditioned. I’m so happy for him!} {See what I mean? I get attached, lol}.

So there is my list. Where’s yours?

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    Right now my list would have “Storage Wars” and “Gold Rush”. Love those shows! I’m going to check out your shows on your list. I think the show with the chef and his sister would have me sucked in. I’m also going to check out Kellie’s website. Looks like fun!

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