The weekend has come and gone, and the pile that will someday beget my travel/cruise albums is still spread across the dining room table.  But I did manage to work on my scrapbook space a bit.  Stashed under my desk, I came across a super deal I found a while back at that store, Tuesday Morning.  Are those everywhere in the U.S. or just here?  Anyhoo, I found the coolest thing there!  It was a pack of KI Memories stuff for $30, but the value was well over $100…um, that’s why I bought 2 of the 3 packs they had (didn’t want to be greedy – we scrapbookers are all about sharing, yeah?).  Each pack had 80 sheets of paper (usually $ .60-1.00 per sheet), 3 sheets of rub-on alphabets, 2 packs of Icicles, 3 sheets of cardstock stickers, AND an 8×8 or 12×12 album!  The one with the smaller album came with 2 extra sheets of rub-ons.  My gawd…how would any scrapper in her right mind pass that one up?  The albums retail for $20/$28, and each of the embellishments go for $3.99.  I almost felt guilty at the checkout.  I just wanted to scream at the lady, “Don’t you know what you’ve GOT here?!?”  She OB-viously wasn’t a scrapbooker because she didn’t even bat an eyelash at the purchase I was making.  I mean, I haven’t even told you yet about the Lil Davis foam alphabet stamps (3 sets) for $3 each – retail value $8.  Suckas!

So I sorted and put away 160 sheets of paper this weekend.  Also, I’m researching the idea of becoming a Creative Memories consultant.  I have resisted the idea in the past, both because of my fear of not being able to meet the required minimum sales per quarter and because some of their supplies were not my taste.  I got started scrapbooking in 2001 because of a CM party, for gosh sakes.  (And for that, I owe them a huge debt of gratitude…ohmigod, in my head, as I was typing that, I said, “gret of datitude”.  What a dork).  I’ve always loved their albums – they are such high quality and I like that you can get a consistent look on your bookshelf with them.  (Um, that was important to me Back in the Day, but now that I see deals like the aforementioned ‘practically free’ KI Memories albums, it’s a little hard to justify the expense of sticking to only CM albums).  I still use the cutting mat, circle/oval cutting systems, corner rounder, etc. from my first purchase.  And the CM Power Sort photo organizer boxes have saved my life.  But have you checked them out lately?  They have been coming out with some cool new stuff, including a digital photo organizer, hardbound digital scrapbooks, and more fashion-forward paper and stickers.  So, I’ve been looking around online for CM info, joined a couple Yahoo groups, and then, lo and behold, what do I find at Staples while shopping for Epson printer cartridges??  A magazine that caught my eye called, “Empowering Women”, which happens to be all about Creative Memories.  Almost all the articles are profiles of women who’ve been successful with the company.  It furthered my interest, to say the least.  Next I’m going to talk to a few friends and my sister-in-law who are CM consultants and see what their recommendations are.  I’m stilll concerned about meeting my minimums…don’t know if I’m enough of a ‘salesperson’ to make a success of this.  And my complete fear of failure prevents me from taking on anything I’m not 100% sure I can succeed at – ha!

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    you should try memory works. ( You only have to have a minimum sales of $75 a year! They sell all the top scrapbooking brands. I sell them to my coworkers and they are never disappointed.

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    You sound like a person who does a fair bit of research before you jump into anything. And that’s a good thing.
    And you also sound like a bargain magnet. I’m jealous!

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    Hey leslie r – Thanks for the tip on memory works. I will definitely check that out.

    Hey Karen – Yep, I’m a researcher alright. I was an English major in college and was a budget analyst for many years. I used to say, “I put the ‘anal’ in ‘analyst’!”

    Both of ya’s – I checked out your blogs and loved them both. Will be adding you to my blog roll. Peace out…

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    Sandy says:

    As I was reading your blog I thought I was reading, something I wrote, because I was thinking of signing up to, but that wasn’t until I bought the same magazine Empowering Women, I didn’t realize it was All about CM I
    thought it had one article about it, but the whole magazine was all about CM
    I have to back up a bit, I quit my part time job, I hated it and I was trying to find something to do at home, I am already selling Avon but I buy mainly for myself because its so cheap, but I need something else thats creative and bring in so me money, so when I bought that magazine, I thought this is a sign so I phoned my freind who sells it and sat in on one of her workshops and I think I am going to sign on, I did sign up with TLC but didn’t do anything with it lost intrest becaus etheres no support no meetings, yes the quota is 50 bucks a year but that would make me slack off, and it just didn’t sound like a serious company, if I were you I would sign on that magazine tells all, you don’t have to do research, and its there 20 year anniversary thats why they are in that magazine, cool eh, well I might be signing up today or tomorrow. The are very good quality, and don’t have to worry 20 years from now if your album is going to fall apart. I am going to to do mainly workshops out of my home, fixing the basement all up. Well i have yakked enough, but its exciting. Sandy

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    You’re my number one source for spelling non-dictionary vocalizations. Congrats on the half mil mark!

    Oct 2009

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