Now that Oprah is back from her Spring Break and has new shows on again, it got me to thinking: Why hasn’t Oprah ever done an entire show on scrapbooking? Unless I’ve missed something during all these years as a loyal Oprah viewer, the only scrap-related thing ever was when Lisa Bearnson was on for a hot minute during a show about women entrepreneurs (I never saw this episode, I just heard about it – anyone got the low down?). So, I just don’t get it. The Oprah show’s main demographic is probably identical to the main scrapbooking demographic: women age 30 to 50, married with kids. Oprah is known for having shows about the latest, greatest, most popular thing – the “what is everyone doing or talking about?” kind of topics. Well, American women are scrapbooking, girlfriend!!! I have e-mailed Oprah myself with this fabulous show idea – TWICE – and nada, nothing. It’s just so bizarre. What is her resistance to scrapbooking? Is Ms. Winfrey afraid she will get a paper cut when she helps with the demo? Does she have something against people from Utah? Is she waiting until scrapbooking becomes “big”? Well, now is the time! The last scrappin’ statistics I heard went something like this: Every third household has a scrapbooker, and it is now a $3 billion industry. Scrapbooking far surpasses any other craft hobby in popularity and sales. I just wish Oprah would do a scrapbooking show and give this fabulous hobby/art it’s proper due – don’t you???

Edit: Here is a correction/addition to my scrap stats above. It’s quoted from Craftrends News Headlines: “The 2006 Craft & Hobby Association Attitude & Usage Study, released at the January trade show, reveals that the U.S. craft and hobby industry achieved $30.2 billion in annual retail sales, with 57 percent of U.S. households (62 million) participating in crafts last year. Annual average spending per household is $476.”

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    I don’t watch Oprah (don’t do daytime TV) but I’d certainly make the effort if she did an episode on Scrapbooking.

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    Hi Karen – I love her. I’ve recorded her show every day for years, then watch it when I have the time. Sometimes I don’t like the topic, so I skip it :) But I think a show about scrapbooking would be interesting even to those who don’t scrapbook.

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    good question! I don’t really watch Oprah, but it does seem like something she should do (or should have done quite a while ago!).

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    Maybe they don’t know what angle to take when it comes to scrapbooking…the obsession, the billion dollar industry and why it’s so popular. Who knows! I think Oprah’s shows are about what interests Oprah and this probably isn’t one of those things…her loss.

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    well Oprah obviously doesnt know everything like we always thought…good job on emailing her. maybe we should all do it. encourage her to get with the times!

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    Hi Gypsykate – I agree. We should rally all the scrapbookers and flood the Oprah website with e-mails! Maybe that would finally get her attention.

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    Hi KM – Thanks for your support of my idea!

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    Hey bakinbit – I think all 3 of those topics would make up a 1-hour show – you should be an Oprah producer, LOL! You’re probably right. When I think about what she does shows on, it’s her Favorite Things, her favorite stars and movies, her dogs, her decorating style, her books, etc. I’ve never heard her talk about being any kind of crafter.

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    Jana says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m an Oprah fan too and unfortunately I don’t think the woman has a crafty bone in her body. This might be the reason she doesn’t do crafty sort of shows??

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    Hey Jana – I think you’re right. Maybe we can convert her, LOL. Actually, with her love of writing and being such a caring person, I bet she’d be addicted like the rest of us once she tried it. Can you imagine the photos she could scrapbook? Her 50th birthday party(ies!), her dogs, her Steadman, all the famous people she’s met, her show and her look evolving through the years,…

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    i have entered the oprah/qvc product search of 2007 with a scrapbook kit i have created. i will know april 27th if myself and just a cloud away scrapbook kits will air on her show next month.
    the judge from qvc was very receptive and took many notes
    the kit is for families of early pregnancy or infant loss. you don’t need a picture of your baby with the product.
    so maybe……….

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    Oh, Diana, how exciting! I think I’ve heard of your product before on the CK Message Board. There are ladies on the board who have Angel Babies. I wish you the BEST OF LUCK and will cross fingers and say prayers. Oprah or not, what you’re doing is important and valuable so keep up the great work! Please let me know what happens, okay?

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