They both make cool signs!

My favorite version ever of the “Keep Calm and …” posters that have been so popular:


I saw Journey in concert for about the 10th time recently and saw someone wearing that on a t-shirt. I almost tackled her to find out where she got it. Luckily I only had 1 Red Bull on board at that point so I restrained myself ;)

And to keep this post scrapbook-related, here is my second favorite one:


I love how the crown is made of scissors. So clevah!!

What is your favorite version of the “Keep Calm and …” signs?

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    Oh, I hadn’t even noticed the scissor crown to the scrapbooking one. Too cute!

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    These are great! :)

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    Very fun. I didn’t notice the scissors until you pointed them out.

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    DH is a huge Journey fan-I should get that sign for the man cave. LOL. Love it!

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