This is unbelievable. HERE is the 2peas post, and HERE is the thread from the Cricut message board it references. What a raw deal. That is one website I’ll steer clear of, unless they do the right thing and give her a GYPSY! How disappointing, to think you’d won…and then be let down so harshly.

ETA 10/19/09: Well, I just looked around their site and I guess they can’t be put out of business because I don’t see where they sell anything. I don’t even see where they make money from ads. They just provide all this scrapbook cutter info for free? If anyone is familiar with this site, will you fill me in?

Either way, I hope they get a ration from scrappers. So unfair… If you made a mistake, just admit it but don’t lie to the poor girl. And when you have such a big ticket item to give away and can’t afford to buy another one, don’t make a mistake in the first place :(

Oh, and if I were the second “winner,” I’d forfeit my prize to the first one. But that’s just me…No “prize” is worth perpetuating bad behavior like that.

ETA #2 10/19/09: Apparently, the second winner has offered the Gypsy to the rightful winner…classy. Good for her!

Also….Okay, I see now, it’s Ebay! I clicked on several links where this site helpfully sends you to the place “with the best price” and it appears they all go Ebay listings for Cricut products. Nice.

Bleck. Is this run by the same people who post those annoying and plentiful ads on Craiglist around the country….clearly against Craigslist’s TOU? Wouldn’t surprise me…

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    What an awful thing for them to do to her. It was their mistake for sending out both an email and posting two seperate winners. They should do the right thing and give one to her also. A cartridge is great, but when you are told you won a Gypsy and then told oops we made a mistake you can’t have it. That’s downright rude and nasty on the company’s part. If they are willing to do something like that, how dishonest are they with other areas of their company?

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    Am I understanding correctly when they say they are offering her a cartridge; are we talking about a GYPSY cartridge? so, it’s a cartridge for something she doesn’t even have? Kudos to the second winner for offering to give her the prize.

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    I have been following this and am very happy that the “winner” has offered to do the right thing and give the Gypsy to the “Original” winner.
    I have been to this site before and found that it just linked you to Ebay. Yes, you can get good prices on cartridges on Ebay, but that is not what I was expecting when I went to that site. “Cartridge Helper” implies that they are actually going to help you with questions you may have with a cartridge… not get pennies for every click when you visit their site and then move on to Ebay….

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