Team Lisa Bearnson

I’m Erika Friday, a proud member of Team Lisa! This means that I’m a consultant for the following companies:

– Heritage Makers
– Our Memories for Life
– Anthology by Lisa Bearnson


If you clicked on Team Lisa solely because you’re interested in buying her Anthology products: Please sign up HERE as a Preferred Customer (top right, Join, Customer). When her products are released in late summer 2015, you’ll be ready to purchase :) And you’ll get everything you buy at WHOLESALE price!

If you’re curious about the other scrapbooking products, the big picture, the business opportunity, the health-related products, etc., please keep reading!

Youngevity, Heritage Makers, and Our Memories for Life have been around for a while (Youngevity for 18 years) but Team Lisa has recently been formed under the Youngevity umbrella to market and sell Lisa Bearnson’s “Anthology” products. Lisa’s products will be released in Late Summer 2015 and she’s forming Team Lisa as her “downline” – which is what I’m part of. And you can be too, as either a preferred customer or a ‘consultant’; both include a 30% discount on Lisa’s products.

As I’m learning about Youngevity et al, I’m thinking “it’s a LOT!” LOL There’s so much to take in. Granted, I joined Youngevity to be on Team Lisa and sell her Anthology products. But what I’m finding is that Youngevity has a lot of other things to offer and I’m trying to understand it all. Whoa.

So … sort of selfishly, I’ve started this page on my site to keep all of the things I learn and links I need in one place. And I figure it can be a great resource for any other scrappers who join my team in the future, or anyone who has questions about it.


Youngevity is the umbrella over everything. It’s like an online shopping mall with tons of fun products geared toward living a healthy lifestyle:

Coffeeeee! Including K-cups! {I *knew* I loved this company!}
Energy drinks, sports drinks, and waters
Aromatherapy essential oils
Healthy food including bakery, beverages, breakfasts, entrees, snacks, soups, paks, and greenfed dairy
Health paks
Health supplements
Healthy chocolate (say whaaaat?)
Home and garden
Mineral make-up (this brand doesn’t have the ingredient* that caused the breakouts I got with Bare Minerals, yes!)
Pet products
Spa & personal care
Weight management

*Bismuth clogged my pores and caused breakouts :(

Then of course there are the scrapbooking products, both digital and paper:

Heritage Makers: Digital scrapbooking, business supplies, photo gifts, etc.

Our Memories for Life: Paper scrapbooking products like strap-hinge albums and refills, tape runners, multi-purpose tool, paper packs, etc. Creative Memories co-founder Rhonda Anderson has brought some of her products to HM so they’re very similar to CM.

I’m going to keep a running list of updates I hear on Team Lisa calls and Facebook group – subject to change, of course, because this is all under development …

Facebook Group 03-27-15: Noticed on the list of Team Leaders for Team Lisa … Kade and Taylor Bearnson, cool! (Lisa’s son and daughter-in-law)

Facebook Group 03-31-15: Video of Lisa’s presentation at the Youngevity conference

Facebook Group 04-02-15: Official press release about Lisa Bearnson joining Youngvity and starting her Anthology Line

Facebook Group 04-03-15: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT
Anyone who signs up in TEAM LISA with the $10 signup will receive a PRE-LAUNCH Goodie bag every month between now and the official launch. This will contain some of Lisa’s Faves from Youngevity and also information about Anthology. This is a one-time $10 signup and they will get that and also her newsletter!
Anyone who signs for CEO ($499.99) between now and Launch of Anthology will get:
1- The Pre-Launch Goodie bag of Lisa’s Favorites
2- Newsletter
3- Qualified to receive customer and distributor leads (from Lisa’s website)
4- Invited to a special monthly call with Lisa Bearnson LIVE!
5- Qualify for the stock options, car bonus, and maximize the compensation plan from day 1!
Preferred customers can sign up with you for free and then they would get information on Anthology from you when it is time to start buying products and ordering!!

Facebook Group 04-03-15: SO…Lisa said “Tell our team I am available and would be happy to talk to anyone they need me too!! I am glad to jump on with someone and just tell them how excited I am about this and how we would love to have them join our team and get involved!!” {Wish I would’ve played hard to get when Kim invited me to join Team Lisa, LOL!}

Team Call 04-06-15: It’s anticipated that Anthology products will be sold in monthly auto-ship kits. There will be a limited supply – first-come, first-served. There may be 2 price points for the kits, perhaps in the $50 and $100 price ranges.

Facebook 04-06-15: Youngevity was mentioned on The Today Show about so many moms making a great living working from home.

From 02-12-15: Youngevity’s new online Website & Resource Center – how to navigate site, sign up a new member, etc.

From 04-27-15: Navigating Youngevity’s back office

NSD Team Lisa Event 05-02-15:

Facebook Team Lisa Group 05-04-15: Whoo hoo, Anthology tees in black or white, S-XL, white or turquoise logo, $25 + $3.99 shipping. I ordered the black with turquoise logo – can’t wait to rock it!

Facebook Team Lisa Group 05-04-15: Sign up HERE for Taylor and Kade Bearnson’s weekly call for 05-08-15; ANYONE is welcome. Don’t have to be part of Youngevity to listen in.

kade bearnson

Facebook Team Lisa Group 05-04-15: At our event on Saturday, Lisa Downs Bearnson announced the 90 DAY HEALTHY BODY CHALLENGE for all of Team Lisa from May 2- August 1st!! The challenge is to take the 90 essential vitamins and minerals in the Healthy Body Pack for 90 days to feel better, see the results and really get a testimonial of the core product of Youngevity.

YouTube 06-10-15: Video created by Jamie Michel who is on Team Lisa and with Youngevity. It’s only 3 minutes long and gives a wonderful but quick overview of all Youngevity has to offer, including Heritage Makers, Our Memories for Life (with former Creative Memories founder Rhonda Anderson), and Anthology (by Lisa Bearnson).

Youtube 07-10-15: Lisa Bearnson talks about how she came to have a product line with Youngevity and why she believes in their other products as well.

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