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52 Lists in 52 Weeks

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52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #7

Here is Kellie’s PROMPT. This is a fun and easy one. You should play along! {Warning: The links go to YouTube videos so have your volume ready}.

Music I Can’t Stop Listening To …

Journey (I get to see them in concert soon!)
Young the Giant
FUN. (that’s the band’s name … FUN.)
Zee Avi
Bruno Mars
Snow Patrol
Dashboard Confessional
Billy Holiday
Sarah Vaughan
Rascal Flatts {new album drops April 3rd!}
The Fray
Michael Buble’

Oh, I could go on and on. I listen to music all day and night while I’m working. I have different PANDORA channels going or my iTunes constantly. These were just the first ones that came to mind :)

How about you? What are you listening to these days? Did you love {or hate} any of the music I posted?

52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #7

HERE is Kelli’s list prompt.


listening: to Adele Live at Royal Albert Hall

adele live at royal albert hall

eating: nothing yet today … and it’s almost 11; I’d better get a Skinny Muffin and some coffee going
drinking: iced herbal tea
wearing: Old Navy black sweats and a long-sleeved red tee from Kohl’s
weather: cool and clear
wanting: some free time for a book, a fire, and a glass of wine (see my last list)
needing: to do some transcribing that’s due in the morning
thinking: I can’t wait for my family to get home
enjoying: blogging again … finally :)

What are you eating, drinking, wearing … these days? Would love to see your list! Link it in Comments :)

52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #3

HERE is the latest list prompt from Kellie.

Here’s mine: Fun Things To Do By Yourself

1. Scrapbook (duh!)
2. Scrapbook shop
3. Blurf
4. Take your time in Target with no one rushing you
5. Go inside with The Sitting People at Starbucks instead of using the drive-thru
6. Lie in bed in the middle of the day and read on your new Kindle
7. Watch scrapbook haul videos that no one else in your family cares about (or understands)
8. Make a lunch only you will eat like caprese’
9. Watch Gilmore Girls reruns
10. Obsessively watch old Steve Perry videos on YouTube.

There’s my list. Where’s yours?

52 Lists in 52 Weeks: List #2

Hey there, hi there, ho there! It’s time for a listy list!!

{Okay, Erika, put down the triple latte’ … that may have been a bit much for 9pm on a Sunday. Just sayin’.}

If you need to read my explanation of 52 Lists in 52 Weeks, it’s right HERE. And HERE is the prompt from Kellie for List #2: What are your New Years Resolutions?

Now I don’t normally *make* resolutions because they usually involve making commitments to yourself and ~ while I’m superb and stupendous about honoring commitments to others ~ I’m quite crap at keeping them to myself.

But Kellie says to make this list, so I will. Begrudgingly :P


1. Speak with Kellie. Nicely but firmly.*

2. When downloading books on your new Kindle, only download 362 times more books than you have time to read. If you do any more than that, it will be too stressful.


3. Buy more scrapbook supplies. You do not have nearly enough. I will tell you when to stop.

4. Keep up your SMASH BOOK aka fitness journal. And only lie about your weight when you have a bad week. The rest of the time, tell the total, honest-to-God, 100% truth. Except about the Reese’s dark chocolate cups. Those are exempt from this resolution as well.

smash book

5. Do not give up on your Project 12. If you can’t manage to take 7-8 photos a month about everyday life and journal about them, you’re a bigger loser than I thought. And I say that with love <3. Okay, can I stop now???!?!??! This resolution-listing is making me cranky. And I want to enjoy this coffee high while I have it, so I'm outie. Oh, except I need to demand ... erm, ask very nicely and super sweetly to please see your list for this week. Please. Thank you :) *TOTALLY kidding, Kellie! Luvs ya, gurl...

52 Lists in 52 Weeks

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and are looking forward to the year to come.

I heard about “52 Lists in 52 Weeks” from THIS THREAD on 2peas. I followed the link to Kellie’s blog, “On the Brink of Something Beautiful.” She did this project in 2011 (you can see her lists from 2011 HERE) and will continue it in 2012.

On of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more active with my blog again (now that my work life has become a bit more manageable), so I’m going to try and play along. Once a week in 2012, I’ll post a list … won’t make a promise which day it’ll be but hopefully sometime during the proper week, lol.

I’ve always been a list-maker, even since I was a kid. For example, on Friday I wrote a “To Do” list on the steno pad that lives inside my day planner. Then I typed up a list in Word called “Online To Do” which has things regarding my blog, work stuff, etc.

I also think lists are a fun and meaningful way to journal in our scrapbooks. So who knows? Maybe some of my 52 lists will find their way into scrapbook layouts.

So here we go with Week 1: “What’s on your plate for today?”

TO DO: January 1, 2012
1. Put away Christmas ornaments and decorations
2. Make fruit salad
3. Laundry
4. BBQ with friends @ 2:00
5. Finish reports for work
6. Enter birthdays in 2012 dayplanner

I would love you to join me each week by posting your “52 Lists in 52 Weeks” right here in the Comments section, on your own blog and link to your entry in comments, or join in on Kellie’s BLOG. She has quite a group posting their lists over there!

Here’s to a fab and scrappy 2012!

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