The plan was to go to a friends’ superbowl party today.  But one of our kiddos is sick and we didn’t want to spread laryngitis germs amongst the other kids at the party.  So we stayed home and watched the game.  Well, DH and kids did while I scrapbooked at the dining room table.  It was perfect – I could hear the game (not that I care about football, I just wanted to know when the funny commercials were on).  I made 7-layer dip and drank 3 of my Amstel Lights, which DH says is NOT beer, tho’ I like to think it is.  Then it was becoming difficult to cut a straight line or put photos in order, so I switched to ice water.  I only got 8 pages of my travel album done but progress is progress, right?  A friend called from the party to see where we were and I told her the situation.  There was all this noise in the background – talking and cheering – and I’m thinking, “Man, wish we could’ve gone to the party”.  And she says to me, “I wish I were at home scrapbooking”.  Ah, the grass is always greener at the other end zone, isn’t it?

On a non-Super Bowl note, may I say how much I enjoy doing my little blog?  The best part is reading the comments that are posted.  Not only is blogging new to me, but even reading blogs is new to me.  See, it’s like this…I quit my job and started spending all day on the computer looking for another one.  For the first time in forever, I actually had a little time to check all this out.  I am a private person when it comes to details about my family, where I live, etc.  But it’s great that I can type my thoughts out and that’s okay with you.  Scrapbooking is so universal and the nicest people do it.  This blog just reaffirms that, because all the comments have been so nice and so helpful.  I even noticed that one of you put MY blog on YOUR blog.  Is that super cool or what?  Thank you from the bottom of my ever-loving scrapbookin’ heart.

Ooh, one last thing!  I have a job interview in a couple weeks that will conveniently take me right by the Youngplay Memories store in Tracy, CA (  I’ve been drooling over their website for months.  The store is freakin’ 20,000 square feet.  AND they have a latte shop.  It will be like I died and went to Heaven.  I’m pretty broke, so I won’t be able to buy much but I will enjoy just walking around, drooling, and petting the merchandise.  I’m sure people like me pet the merchandise all the time, so I don’t think I will get kicked out.

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    Wow, you got 8 pages done in one afternoon?! That’s incredible! I’ve been scrapping too yesterday. I only was able to make one flagbook album. Well, that’s to say that I’ve finished the basics. Now I have to make the pages, the front etc. So I’m not even close to being done with that. I admire you for doing 8 pages in one day!

    Have fun at Young play Memories! I wish I’d live near you. I’d visit that place all the time! Here in the Netherlands we don’t have such large craft stores!


  2. Huge scrapbook store!

    Hey all, I’ve just read a post on Scrapbook Obsession where “americanmom” talked a bit about Youngplay Memories. They have really huge store! It’s 20,000 square feet! All packed with Scrapbooking, rubber stamping and jewelry making supplies. Can yo…

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    8 layouts in an afternoon sounds pretty impressive to me.
    Good luck with the interview.

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