I have SO much to tell you! I went *shopping* today and have pics of my great finds at Mike’s and Target. I have some blog awards to accept. There’s a couple new scrap scandals brewing. I have some friends to congratulate for being pubbed. Some MB friend to thank. Lotsa exciting stuff. Alas, it’s 11pm here and I need to grab my Memory Makers Idea Gallery ’08 mag and hit the sack. DH got the day off (schweet!) and we’re all headed to the water park tomorrow!!! Yahooey! I’m sure I’ll come home sunburned, tired, and much, much poorer. TTFN…

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    so where are the pics???? I wanna see your new stash…

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    Have fun at the water park! We’re in Michigan, so the new indoor ones are all rage here. No sunburns for us. The problem is, my kids ask to go to ours almost daily and 1). We have to stay overnight at a cost of about $250 each time, and 2). I don’t think I can go when I’m this pregnant!

    I hope you have a lot of fun!

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    Man, don’t leave me hanging. What scrap scandals? :)

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    exactly. what’s the scandal!
    ps, i finally made the switch to wordpress! :)

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