Just in time for National Scrapbook Day … ;) My latest order from MEMORY WORKS arrived!!!

I didn’t get to scrap today; too busy doing other stuff … but I did open each and every package and look through it all. My own personal NSD celebration.

It was duh-VOOOOOOOON!

There may or may not have been paper sniffing involved. I can’t really say ;)

Hope you had a wonderful National Scrapbook Day and were able to get your scrap on!

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    That looks so fun…you can definitely call that a nice NSD celebration!!

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    Erica says:

    That does look like fun!

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    I never heard of Memory Works–a home party for scrapbooking. Sounds fun–but sad for me I don’t know anyone who scraps anymore. Most people roll their eyes when I mention it, lol. Looks like you had fun.

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