I’ve been hearing lately about how – surprisingly – discount department store TJ MAXX sometimes has scrapbook supplies in stock. We just got one of these stores in our area so I thought I’d check it out.

Figuring the scrap stuff would be in the home decor section, I headed to the back of the store. Okay, I may have been distracted for a bit by the shoe section … and the yummy-smelling-lotion section. But I soon got back on track ;)

Alas, there were no scrapbook supplies to be found. There were cards, art supplies, picture frames, and photo albums … so I figured I was in the right place … just out of luck. I did some clothes shopping for the kids and went to check out.

And wouldn’t you know: In the cattle chute where you wait for “the next available cashier” … they had scrapbook supplies! There wasn’t a huge selection but I did pick up some “Dear Lizzy” embellishments and some Thickers by AMERICAN CRAFTS. The prices were great so I’ll definitely check out TJ Maxx in the future for scrapbook supplies.

I wanted to let you know so if you think your TJ Maxx doesn’t carry scrapbook supplies … make sure to check the cattle chute :)

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    Thanks this is great to know! Love Penny

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    I noticed the scrapbook supplies next to the “cattle chute”, too. Now I’ll never look at the checkout line at my local TJ Maxx in the same way again. lol!

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    Lena K says:

    Ever since I heard about thickers at TJ’s I’ve been on the hunt for them. I’ve found embellishments, ribbon, twine, but no thickers. I finally found some in a nearby state when shopping for a dress. All they had were Dear Lizzy thickers from some past collections. Still for $1.59 per pack is a steal and I am happy.

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    Hey Ladies, I know it’s the same company but I’ve found more scrapbook supplies at Marshalls @Lena I just got some Thickers from there a few weeks ago!

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    Cool! Thanks for the info. There is a store right down the street from me. Yay! :-)

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    Annie says:

    They used to have a great selection in stationary at the tj maxx in Michigan but the then tj maxx merged with home goods and there supplie now is pathic so disappointing but look in stationary next time

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