It’s probably going to get deleted – so go read THIS thread on the Two Peas “For Sale or Trade” board ASAP.

I don’t have time to summarize it right now but, suffice it to say, Kelly Purkey and Paper Tales are losing customers as we speak.

Paper Tales has already apparently deleted things from their own Facebook page and I imagine this Two Peas thread won’t be far behind . . .

Whose side are you on?

ETA: I’ve been thinking about this issue for 2 days and will have a blog post coming soon with my thoughts . . .

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    Wow! Another scrapbook scandal (ha!). From what I’ve read, the store is clearly in the wrong on this one.

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    I didn’t think Kelly’s reaction was bad- but it has snowballed into a very ugly episode.
    There is no defense for the Paper Secrets posts- I understand her frustration but it’s really not good customer service or good business practice to get into a public spat with a customer- especially when she could have prevented the whole episode by limiting purchases to 1 or 2 per customer.
    This will happen every time a really cute item by a big designer is sold in very limited quantities.
    If the store owner wanted attention- she got it. Good luck.

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    Thank you for posting this link, because I don’t visit 2 Peas very often.

    There is too much drama and negative vibes on that site. I just cringe reading the posts from many of the women “Peas” posting there. Everyone tends to jump on the bandwagon and bully up against a business or another poster when their views differ from theirs.

    Re: That situation: Why is ONE person ordering for their friends? Maybe I missed some of the info, but why didn’t those “friends” order for themselves? $25 for a stamp? Even if she bought them for $15 + tax, and whatever fees, it would cost about $2 to ship to “friends”, this is a no-brainer! Or return them back to PT IF her “friends” decided they didn’t want them.

    I like Paper Tales. I will still continue to shop there! This will all pass and soon be forgotten anyways. :)

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    BTW, when are you going to post your sb haul from the other LSS you went to in AZ, anxiously awaiting your post and photos! LOL!

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