HERE is an interesting discussion about it by the Peas. I know you probably think I’m some scrapbook industry big shot who jets off to CHA every year and knows all “the insiders” … but I’ve never been to CHA … so it was good to hear from those who have been, or are going this year.

What’s that again? Oh. You DON’T think I’m some scrapbook industry big shot? You figured I had never been to CHA because who in the Sam Hell am I but some small-time, paper sniffer, mommy blogger? Erm … well, sorry. Ahem. {Aren’t you, like, SO embarrassed for me right now?}.

Anyway, back to the Basic Grey. Since as you so clearly pointed out, I am *not* a scrapbook industry insider, I don’t know what to to make of them not showing at CHA for the first time since God was a cadet. I think I’m going to take it at face value and assume it was just a wise business decision on their part. If they’re not seeing a return on their investment at CHA, why go? As someone said in the 2peas thread, Basic Grey is one of the most popular scrapbook companies out there. I don’t think it’s going to hurt their overall sales.

I just found this from Kelly Goree on her blog entry dated 6/25/11:

Yes, it’s true we won’t be at CHA Summer as we’re taking a little “stay-cation” but we have FOUR new lines that will debut JULY 1st!!

As for the FOUR NEW COLLECTIONS … are you ready? I personally think the best way to view them is to watch the videos on the Basic Grey YOU TUBE CHANNEL. Scroll down in the blue box on the right and you’ll see all four new collections.

For those of you cheeky monkeys who are at work, being naughty and looking up scrapbook stuff while you’re supposed to be working … you probably can’t watch videos without getting caught by your boss, huh? So I’m going to link to the 4 collections on the Basic Grey website:

[Note: I posted this blog entry on 7/1/11 at 1am. As of now, there is nothing on the Basic Grey pages I’ve linked to. But they’re supposed to be posted 7/1/11 so if they aren’t there when you click, it’s not my fault. I’m going to bed now. A blogger has to sleep, ya know.]





So here’s my review. I’m not overwhelmed but I’m not underwhelmed either. I think that makes me kind of whelmed. As a whole, I give the 4 collections a B-. They’re not my favorite lines ever, but I like them better than some recent ones that I haven’t cared for much at all.

Picadilly and Indie Bloom are my favorites. I like the color combos, especially the black contrasted with the pastel brights of Indie Bloom. I like the new Title Stickers; I think that’s a great idea. I like how Basic Grey keeps changing up the kind of embellishments they offer and that there’s such a variety so everyone should be able to find several things they want.

Little Black Dress is very pretty and classy, just not something I’d see myself using much. But if I had prom, wedding, or heritage photos to scrap right now, I’d be all over it. I think the black/taupe is a nice change-up from the typical black/white or black/cream.

Nordic Holiday did not blow my dress up at all. It seems to me a really weird combination of colors (too many colors?) and the patterns and graphics seemed 90s-ish. THAT SAID, I loved the papers that looked like sweaters. I also have to say that 98% of the time, when I first see a new Basic Grey line and I don’t care for it, KELLY GOREE scraps with it and changes my mind. That girl do some voodoo with her Basic Grey and she casts a spell on me. It’s freaky deaky. So work your magic Kelly and make me love Nordic Holiday, gurl.

Your turn: Share your thoughts about Basic Grey not going to CHA Summer 2011 and what you like/don’t like about these 4 new lines.

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    Joanne says:

    Why did they get KW to do those videos? The way she flaps her hands around really puts me off lol. Im glad they have made their (cant remember the proper name) journaling cards that have transparencey overlays smaller, but I wonder if they will reduce the price of it also?

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    Beth says:

    I like everything EXCEPT Indie Bloom! Colors are too bright for my style and taste in scrapping. I see what you mean about Nordic Holiday…doesn’t seem like the colors go together. BUT, I love some of the individual prints and colors! I SO wish Little Black Dress was available now since it would be perfect for the scrapbook I’m doing for my parents’ 50th anniversary! And Picadilly…I just love it! Thanks for the peek first thing this morning…it brightened my day!

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    You are hilarious.
    Interesting strategy on BG’s part.

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    Ha! Love your CHA big wig story, ploy, whatever! I’m loving the first 3 lines of BG-Picadilly, Nordic Holiday and LBD!! Oh my! Such goodness! As for them not going to CHA-no biggie for me since I haven’t ever been to one either!! LOL!:)

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    I agree with you; not attending CHA is not going to hurt their sales or following. I have bought pieces of every line since 2006, and well, I don’t go to CHA either, so I will still be buying from them lol.

    Indie Bloom is my fave; I’m not into the heritage looking (little black dress) or the Picadilly (too wallpapery for me). The nordic holiday hasn’t sparked anythign in me.

    But as I said, I will be buying a few pieces from each because, well, that’s my tradition.

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    Dee says:

    The new releases by Basic Gray didn’t float my boat either.

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    Momster says:

    Like Beth, I wish I’d had Little Black Dress when I scrapped my parent’s 50th anniversary (I used Capella instead). I really like some of the patterns of Indie Bloom, Picadilly does zilch for me, and as you said, Nordic Holiday seems a bit schizophrenic. Plus I have so many other BG Christmas lines I need another like a hole in the head. Also, as of July 5, those papers are still not posted on BG’s website, which is kind of disappointing.

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    Just found your blog and I love your writing style!

    I like the picadilly collection, but the rest didn’t do much for me.

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    I like the new Title Stickers; I think that’s a great idea. I like how Basic Grey keeps changing up the kind of embellishments they offer and that there’s such a variety so everyone should be able to find several things they want.

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    I am ok with the new release!
    I am liking Out of Print and Oxford better.
    So I think I’m just a little overwhelmed by so many releases so close together.
    But they do have some fun new products with the new releases, so that keeps me interested!

    I am ok with them not being at CHA either.
    I think they are such a popular company that they can afford to take a break :)

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    I really love the “Little Black Dress”, it is so elegant, great for more “formal” type pics.
    On the flip side, I also love the “Picadilly” collection. It has such bright, fun colors, really gets me inspired while summer is still here!

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