scrapbook meme

I know we’re supposed to be listening at the work meeting or paying attention when our husbands go on about their day. But we just can’t help it. Our minds are usually elsewhere.

All we’re thinking about is putting on our scrapping sweatpants, grabbing a Diet Coke, and sitting down at our desk. The layout awaits! We want to peel off a strip of our favorite washi tape, inhale the “new paper” smell of our latest purchase, and relive the memories that our perfect photo brings about.

Oh, um, sorry. What were you saying?

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    Karen M says:

    yup!! and pin layouts and check out galleries, when we cannot be in our scrap space

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Totally. This is why I started this blog, in fact. It seemed like all I could think about was scrapbooking and nobody “normal” in my life wanted to talk about it 24/7 like I did. I’m so glad I have you guys to make me feel normal. Thanks Karen!

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    Im guilty! I think other people wouldn’t talk or ramble as much if they had a creative hobby to spill some of their time into. But thats just me! LOL

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      That’s such a good point, Melissa!

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    Lana Barnett says:

    Exactly!! Here in northern California shopping for good supplies, you all know the kind of stuff I’m talking about, not just the “basics” is almost non extinct here. So we took a short vacation and went back to Vegas where we lived before coming here and I spent 2 whole days in scrapbooking heaven! That town knows how to stock a store lol

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      What Las Vegas stores did you like, Lana? I’d love to shop there someday!

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    hmm, so if I move the photo over, I could put the title there and embellishments would fit…..Oh, sorry, what were you saying?

    Happens all the time here. I just don’t know why they don’t understand.

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      So funny, Lisa, and so true!

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