I was recently traveling in Arizona and had the opportunity to visit two local scrapbook stores (LSS). This is a real treat since the closest LSS to my home is 2 hours away. So I warn you now, there are LOTS of photos and I have a LOT to say!! I’ll have to do 2 blog posts. What?! I’m wordy! Sheesh.

The first scrapbook store I visited in the Phoenix area was “Scrapbooks Etc.” in Mesa, AZ . . . or as it’s now called, “Etc. Scrapbooks, Fabric & More”. The name change appears to be because they’ve added fabrics to about 1/3 of the store. I’m no sewist but I think that’s a brilliant move! Way to stay viable, AZ scrap store owners!

I’m just gonna’ say from the beginning: I loved this store! It’s one of the biggest and best I’ve ever been to. They had loads of current stuff, I liked the way the store was laid out, and they had lots to offer the customer.

One very cool thing was THIS:

Yep, I managed to show up on their Scrapbook Yard Sale day – woot! It started at 10am so I got there about 9:45. I was greeted by a super long line outside the store. I texted DH at 9:48: “Garage sale starts at 10. There’s about 50 women in line. Hold my earrings. Mama might need to throw down!” He cheered me on: “They got nothin’ on u.”


Just kidding, just kidding. I got back in my car, drove across the street, and got a Starbucks. I’m not the aggressive type {even with a latte’ under my belt}.

The yard sale was held in the classroom and here is what it looked like {faces have been blurred to protect the guilty . . . er, innocent}:




Here’s a sample of the goodies to be found at the Scrapbooks Etc. garage sale – a Simple Stories “Summer Fresh” pack for $7. I think that 6×6 pad alone sells for $6, so that’s a nice deal :)


I grabbed a few packs of things and literally had to escape that room so I could find a clear surface to check out the goods. And where did I end up!?!? At the Scrapbooks Etc. sale/clearance table in the back of the store. Where I found more deals. Sheesh. It’s like too much of a good thing, I tell ya’!

One thing from the garage sale I held onto was a BASIC GREY “BLUSH” collection pack. Here’s the tag sheet from the collection kit – “Blush” is SO yummy!

I think it was $7-8 and only missing a few sheets. Again, a good deal but it didn’t make the final cut in favor of NEW scrappy stuff!! I don’t get to an LSS but a few times a year so I didn’t want to miss the chance to get some newer things when I could actually see them in person. Yes, it’s a luxury these days :(

Okay, so if you’re a BAZZILL Babe like I am, you’ll want to sit down for this. Or at least hold onto a hand rail or something. Ready?? I give you. THE GREAT WALL OF BAZZILLLLLLL!!!!


Isn’t all that color and texture and paper goodness so PURDY??? I almost swallowed my tongue! GULP!


I can’t find it now but I swore I read earlier that the husband of the Scrapbooks Etc. owner owns (or works for?) Bazzill Basics. Which would make sense judging by their huge selection of Bazzill cardstock and other Bazzill papers.

Speaking of pretty colors, I just had to take a pic of all those pretty WRMK album colors all in a row. Gorge!


Scrapbooks Etc. had most products arranged by manufacturer which is how I prefer to shop. Here’s some new Dear Lizzy and Amy Tan, both by American Crafts:


I *so* wanted this Amy Tan “Mixtapes” pack but that price took up too much of my budget.


You’re a scrapper, you get it, right? You stand there in the store aisle, fondling the “$11 for 6 bitty rolls of washi tape” and have this internal conversation:

“You should get this. It’s sooper dooper cute!”
“I know, but ELEVEN DOLLARS! And the tapes are so skinny!”
“Yes, yes, but that’s what makes them so preciously KYUTE!”
“Precious smeshious, do you know how much PAPER I could buy with $11?”
“Well. Okay. You do have a good point there. Put them back.”
“But but but! But I want the cute little skinny Amy Tan washi! And if I buy it online, I have to pay $92 shipping on $11 worth of 6 skinny rolls of washi tape!”
“GUUUURRRLLL. Put. The washi tape. Back. NOW.
“(Kicking ground). Fine. It’s back. Jeez.”

Yeah, I put the washi tape back. But it was PAINFUL, I tell ya’!

These Dear Lizzy mini flair badges were very hard to pass up, too. Just darling.


They had a great selection of this new new Basic Grey:


One thing I loved was the little product vignettes they have around the store. They make very appealing displays with new products that make you want to buy things. Wicked smart! Here are just 2 but there were several more:



Colorful Doodlebug Goodness:


All these little packs of puffy arrows, chevrons, and punctuation were KILLIN’ me, Smalls. I very much coveted that shades of teal blue one in the middle.


But at $5 a pack, I had to pass :( You don’t want to hear the conversation-with-self I had about THAT! I almost socked myself in the jaw right then and there. But the Good Angel won. Again.

Here’s a shot of the fabric side of the store. They seemed pretty busy and I could hear the counter person answering lots of customer questions. Seems like a great set-up.


Teresa Collins “Happy” which is so much prettier in person than online.


Teresa Collins “Save the Date” which, me being married for so long, I didn’t think I’d be interested in. But, man, the colors were so pretty. I was seriously considering re-engaging and re-marrying my man just so I could use it.


The epoxy/enamel heart down there was callin’ my name. Have I mentioned I LOVE HEARTS?? Yeah, maybe once or thrice.


An entire wall of SIMPLE STORIES. Um, when can I move in, please? Starbucks across the street, rainbows of Bazzill, WRMK, and Doodlebug, AND a Simple Stories neighborhood – what more do I need to sustain life?


KAISERCRAFT is one company I’m not very familiar with but their products sure caught my eye! I ended up with a pack of their 3×4 cards; guess which one? {I’ll reveal in a “Scrapbooks Etc. Haul” post later}.



They also have Project Life Island. See? I never need to go anywhere else :) I’m set.




There was a big Accucut station; a die-cutter’s dream.


October Afternoon . . . squee!!


I think these were garage sale shoppers checking out their loot or deciding what to buy. I totally get it, ladies. Take your time. If I step on you, smack me.


More October Afternoon:


Fancy Pants:


Whole row of Bazzill Basics patterned paper:


Ahh, My Minds Eye rotating racks, I’ve missed you!


So that’s my tour and review of Scrapbooks Etc. in Mesa, Arizona. I highly suggest you visit if you’re in the area. Or in an adjacent state. It’s worth it, LOL. Wonderful store and I hope I’m able to visit many more times in the future!

Stay tuned to see what goodies I bought there!

ETA 03-30-15: Kind of a sad update. I hear from an online friend who was at Scrapbooks Etc. recently that it has shrunk in both size and number of new products since last year when I went. They’ve remodeled the store into a smaller space at the same location and decreased the inventory accordingly. Boo hoo. Still probably a better store than most, though . . .

ETA 07-31-16: Well, I heard a while back that more of Scrapbooks Etc. had been converted to sewing products. Now I hear the sad news that they are closing altogether effective the end of July 2016 :(

Same owners since 1999!

We are sad to say that we are closing the store officially August 6th. July 28th-July 30th the store will be open from 10am-6pm and August 1st-6th the store will be open from 10am-3pm.

There will be no open lab for the remainder of us being open.

– from their website

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  1. avatar

    I don’t think I would have been able to walk out of there without $1k worth of stuff. That is the best LSS I have ever seen in my entire life. Wow what an experience. Imagine of that was the place you got to shop every time you scrapped. That would be like a dream come true. All that Bazzill paper? Mash’Allah that company will be around forever!

  2. avatar

    OmGGGGGG I am so super jealous!!! I cant stop laughing at your washi conversation as I swear I have those same internal conversations all the time with myself.. lmao wayyy too funny!!

  3. avatar

    WOW – I will be in AZ mid April, but I will be in the Tucson area, won’t be making it up to Mesa. There is a store in Green Valley AZ which I plan to stop at. Hope I am equally impressed.


  4. avatar

    Wow that’s amazing, I have never seen such a good LSS, here in the UK the only place to buy the latest stuff is online! I’m literally drooling. And laughing out loud at your internal conversation as I do this everytime I am online shopping and have to skim down my basket! Great write up! x

  5. avatar

    whoa what an amazing store!

  6. avatar

    Wow! We have NOTHING like this in the UK. This is worth moving to the US alone!! I hope I get to visit someday, as it looks just heavenly. I would of course need to re-mortgage to balance my spend so maybe it’s good I have nothing like that close by ;)

  7. avatar

    Wow, so heavenly! It would be so hard deciding what to put in the cart! You were one lucky gal to get to visit!

  8. avatar

    Such a nice store. I will be in the Phoenix area in August, and will definitely take time to go Mesa. I will be in the Tucson area in April. From a previous poster, I see that Green Valley has a store. We are actually staying in Green Valley, so I will have to visit that store also. I’m looking forward to see your “haul”. I love the picture of the women sitting on the floor surrounded by baskets full of scrapbooking goodies.

  9. avatar

    Wow, that’s a great store! Now I want to go to AZ. :)

  10. avatar
    Charlotte Olivares says:

    I live in Tucson and Scrapbooks etc, Etc. As they are called now, is our scrapbookers paradise! That little store we have in Green Valley is nothing compared to Etc in Mesa! I try and make the 1.5 hour treck up to Mesa every few months to shop there! I love their paper room with isles and isles of scrappy paper goodness. Definitely worth a visit if you are within a 2-3 hour radius! And there are quite a few other stores in the Phoenix area so you could make a day of it!!

  11. avatar

    I have been to that store and loved it! I wish it was closer to me!

  12. avatar

    I have been pusing my husband to take a trip to Arizon for our family vacation for years. Now I can see that I need to push harder. Amazing store! Makes me sad though as all the LSS in our area (Central Florida) have closed. :( So miss going to a real store. TFS!

  13. avatar

    I love this store! Last time I was there it was a bit bare, it’s been over a year so it’s so good to see it’s filled up again! LOVE IT! Must get there soon! Thanks for the fabulous photos!

  14. avatar

    Had to wipe the drool off my phone from looking at this. Must find an excuse to get over to Mesa!!!!

  15. avatar

    That’s a fantastic LSS! Here is a list of all of the current Scrapbook Stores in the Phoenix and Arizona area for anyone visiting the Valley: https://scrapbookstoresinarizona.blogspot.com/

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