About 5 years ago, I guess, I discovered that you could buy scrapbook stuff from QVC. This was not long after I became Scrapbook Obsessed, so I was new to the sport and didn’t have a bunch of stuff. QVC was a Godsend! Their prices are so good and they often package things in a bundle so you get a very good Value (that puts the V in QVC!). Over the years, I’ve ordered many scrapbook items from QVC: rolls of WackyTac, album kits, paper packs, embellishment kits, you name it. Lisa Bearnson from CK, one of my favorite scrap celebrities, often hosts segments of the show. She is a treat to watch, especially when her cohost is David Venable. They also have other great hosts from the scrapbooking world, like Donna Downey, Heidi Swapp, Melody Ross (Chatterbox), Nancy Hill (DCWV), etc. Well, since I’ve been pretty stocked up with supplies for some time now, I haven’t ordered anything from QVC in quite a while. But I still tivo and watch the shows every time they’re on. I enjoy seeing the products – even if I don’t get to call them my own – and see how products I may already have are used on pages. I also like to watch them demonstrate new tools. I’ve seen everything from the Basic Grey notch tool to the Karen Foster Clickit to the Basic Grey file set demo’d on QVC. In fact, I didn’t think I wanted a Cricut but once I saw Lisa B. demonstrate it on QVC, I bought one! So, earlier this week, QVC had a full 24 hours of craft and scrapbooking shows called a Craft Fair. They said it would be the last one for this year. I gotta’ tell ya, the message boards were hoppin’ over this event. Part of the excitement was that the TSV (Today’s Special Value) was a Silhouette electronic die cutting machine. HERE is where Lisa wrote about it on her blog. The Silhouette sold out, as did many of the other items presented. I couldn’t justify purchasing it, as I have a Cricut already. But it’s been fun to hear the excitement on CKMB from those who purchased one – an awesome new toy to play with! One thing that was cool was Lisa B. used it to cut out some wall art (“Bearnson est. 1989”) from thin vinyl, and it works like a vinyl cling on the wall. I could see myself having some fun with that, when I think about having access to ANY font on my computer with the Silhouette! (Go see THE WALL CLING and some of her other Silhouette creations). Well, I couldn’t resist this time and I did make two smaller purchases. One was a set of Basic Grey papers which is a mixture of various lines, some current, some retired.

QVC basic grey pack
“Includes Blush, Color Me Silly, Dasher, Fusion, Hang 10, Lilykate, Oh Baby Boy, Oh Baby Girl, Perhaps, Phoebe, Aged & Confused, Romani, Gypsy, Scarlet’s Letter, Skate Shoppe, Stella Ruby, and Urban Couture designs.”

The other was a pack of 160 sheets of Bazzill cardstock, which was a screamin’ deal, even when you include shipping.

QVC Bazzill pack
“Includes four seasonal palette collections. Each collection includes four sheets each of 10 colors. Total of 40 colors and 160 sheets.”

Note: For a complete explanation of my QVC purchase, please see this OLD POST.

I can’t wait to get these so I can fondle my new supplies. (Don’t look at me funny, you do it too!). All in all, the QVC craft fair was a fun event this time. It seemed there was a certain excitement in the air, more so than other times, and everyone was watching and talking about it…they still are talking about it. I hope you were able to catch some or all of the shows, either on tv or on QVC ONLINE (click on Watch QVC-TV LIVE). if you did watch QVC, what did you think? Did you buy anything? Confess here…

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    I have spent many an afternoon watching the QVC and HSN crafter/scrapbook shows…..I always end up buying tons of stuff. Heck it’s still fun buying stuff even on TV.
    And yes I fondle my new scrapbook purchases as well….LOL

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    Heh heh…fondle supplies! Many a day I get out my stuff and just look at it and touch it! I am so obsessed!

    Nice job on the list by the way! I like your blog

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    Erica Hettwer says:

    I got the Bazzill and the Glue Dots. The Bazzill worked out to like 20.25 cents per sheet!!! Screamin’ good deal!!!

    (Yes, my mom was a math major and I’m a number nerd! LOL!!)


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    Love that pp. Very cool! Great job on the blog list. I copied it on mine, hope you don’t mind. Your Tag Cloud is So Cool. Wish I could do one on my blog. :)

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    Thanks to the ckmb ladies I found this site. I did order some really cool border stamps. I can not carry everything in my store so it is fun to find neat things here and be able to get them. You have a great blog I hope to get mine up and going like yours and make it this fun.

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    I would love to be added to your CKMB list… my name is “NashvilleScrapGirl” and my blog URL is https://www.jessicaturnersblog.blogspot.com

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    deanna says:

    I *LOVE* the Q’s craft days. I usually buy A LOT more than I did this time. I guess I was just too excited about everything at CHA last month and have my eye on most of those things right now. One thing I had NO interest in was the Silhouette. Why? I too have the cricut (and about 15 other die cutting machines) but I have finally found the die cut machine of my dreams! It’s the Pazzle Creative Cutter! https://www.pazzles.com I got this back in February and it just continues to AMAZE me. I can do so much more with it that you can with the Silhouette and the wishblade and it is so much easier to use than the wishblade (especially if you have never used a computerized die cutting machine before).

    You don’t need to go online to figure out this machine or find tutorials. You just plug it in, load the software and cut. WAY EASY! I can cut super tiny detailed pieces and big chunky ones, like the vinyl for the walls. But, I can also cut fabric and stencils, acetate and more with the pazzles.

    The Pazzles also has had the ability to use pens and markers in the machine (instead of cutting blade) for quite some time now. I am not limited to their “brand” of markers. I can put just about any pen, pencil, marker, etc in there that I wish and I don;t have to keep changing out different pen holders to do it.

    Also… the Pazzles doesn’t require you buy any expensive images or fonts. You can use anything you have on your computer (I MEAN ANYTHING!) or image cds! Oh, I can buy pre-made cutting files if I want…but I am not limited to only those files you buy online. In fact I haven’t used one yet.

    I guess what I am trying to say is… i *heart* pazzles, lol.

    i did get 3 items on craft day:
    F03170 200-piece Silk Flowers in Bottles w/Black WireTote
    F03175 1,164-pc. Assorted Colors & Shapes Brad Kit byMaking Memories
    F03052 Set of 50 Assorted Holiday Ribbon Kit byBrenda Pinnick (to match the 8000+pc auto delivery holiday kit I also just rec’d from the Q)

    happy shopping and happier crafting! :-)

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    brnea says:

    Hi, I Googled 160 piece Bazzill Cardstock and it brought me here. I too bought the 160 piece pack and it came today. I It is my favorite kind of paper and I don’t buy it too often because it is expensive. I have way too many scrapbooking things I have bought on QVC. Great dealls!! I even called in on a kit a couple of years ago from Disneyland!!

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