Wanted to let y’all know that I won’t be blogging for several days. Hey! Put down the tomatoes! I have a good excuse…I’m going to the Magical Kingdom…Disneyland, to be exact! In honor of that, some scrappy Disney goodness…

ARTICLE by LeNae Gerig called “Scrapbooking Your Disney Photos”

LINK to some Disney shopping at ScrapbookingWarehouse.com

An About.com ARTICLE called “Wanna Peek Into the Disneyland Scrapbook?”

Scrapbooking POEMS about Disneyland from Scrapbook.com

A RESOURCE for your Disney juicy gossip…TheDisneyBlog “by fans, for fans”

Two free Disney FONTS from scrapbookingfonts.com

More SHOPPING at mousememories.com

And, finally, my favorite…that rockin’ Disney scrapbook I posted about once BEFORE, from the Cricut Message Board. HERE</strong> is the link; here is a sample (just a few of her 182 layouts!):


I will definitely be using this amazing scrapbook for inspiration when I get home from my trip! Do you have any cool Disney scrapbook links to share, or pages you’ve posted that you can link us to? C’mon, help a sister out!

Have a great rest of the week. Catch ya on the flip side…Peace out

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    I love Disneyland…have fun…

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    I am a huge Magic Kingdon fan Erika. I’ve been to Anaheim, Disney World and EuroDisney. SO I can absolutely identify with your need for total 100% focus on the moment whilst your’s there.

    Have a wonderful time…but of course you will.

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    Put down the tomatoes?? What you should have seen was that while I was aiming my tomatoes I was slipping some of your scrap stash into my back pockets…hehehe.

    Have fun being a kid!!

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    Erika, while I was posting that comment I noticed something very curious. Just beneath the blue bar that says “Blog at WordPress.com.” on the very far left of the screen is an itsy bitsy smiley face!! Can anyone else see that? I thought it was dirt on my screen for a second!

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    very cute!!!

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    I absolutely LOVE your site. I will definitely check it out more often. I am a huge Disney Freak. Seriously. We go every year and I am an avid scrapbooker. Here are some of my pics on disney pages…have LOTS more that I haven’t uploaded.


    My husband and I put together our own “how to plan a disneyworld vacation” site. It’s something that we just did because we get tons of questions from people at work on where to go, when to go, etc, so we created this site, just as a portal to help point people in the right directions. Would love feedback to see what you think about it.


    Your layouts look terrific!

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    What fun stories captured in such fun ways! Love your pages!

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    Teresa says:

    Thanks so much!! Just got back from Disney and have already done a 12×12 Shutterfly album with most of the pics but still need to do individual layouts for each of my 3 kids albums. These are great tips!!!

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    And all I have are our Disney pix in a normal ho-hum photo album…I am in major scrapbook envy! :P The layout is superb–clean but not boring. Love it! For my own photos and images, I use this lightweight image capture tool-King Kong Capture– http://www.kingkongcapture.com . It lets you capture anything that’s on your desktop. With this, I can jumpstart my scrapbooking adventure. Yey! Check it out guys.

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    misty says:

    was wondering where the toy story statues are at, ive only been to Disneyland CA, have been to disney world once when i was 12,

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    Tonya Reliford says:

    Did you happen to save a copy of the files she posted? If so, can you share them with me?

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Tonya, I’m sorry – I don’t have a copy of the files. If it helps, her name is Jennifer Bockelman and here is her blog: https://scrapperatheart.blogspot.com/

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