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Scrapbook Shopping: MAMBI Testing a Happy Planner Kit at Select Costco Stores

Well, this is fun! MAMBI is selling a Happy Planner kit at 16 select Costco’s.

MAMBI planner kit Costco

It’s hard to see because the photo they provided is so small but it looks like there’s an 18-month Happy Planner, 5 rolls of washi tape, 3 pens, some pocket page inserts, 2 little paper pad inserts, etc. MAMBI says, “If all goes well, we are hoping for a chainwide set in the near future.”

To see a list of stores, check out their post on the MAMBI blog. If “your” Costco is carrying these kits, I think it’s your duty as a scrapbooker to go buy one, take photos, and tell us about it. C’mon, I would do it for you!

PS: I still haven’t decided if I’m keeping mine. Does Michaels have a so-many-days return policy?

ETA 06-15-16: Thanks Abby! HERE is an Instagram slideshow of the contents. You get a lot for that price – wow!

ETA 06-29-16: MAMBI changed their blog link above. Here’s the new one: https://www.meandmybigideas.com/blog/costco

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  1. Yes they do, I used to work there. Check the back of your receipt for details. Don’t get caught beyond the date. May your decision soon.

    1. Good advice, Julie. I have the receipt right with the planner so I’ll see what the back says just in case. Thanks!

    1. Where do you live? I tried to see which Costcos are carrying the kit but the link is no longer there.

    1. Yes, I have to agree the discs make my 8.5 x 11 Happy Planner feel wobbly. It’ll stay open on my desk 24/7 so I’m okay with that but if you want to carry one around, it would make me think twice. Thanks Lisa!

  2. LOVE my planner and just bought three of these at my AZ store yestserday….looks like test went well and they are stocked for the holidays! Includes 24 month planner, folders, the elastic band, 2 list pads, 20 sheets of lined paper and graph paper, 12 sticker sheets, five rolls of washy tape, and three pens! INCREDIBLE value! Cheaper for me to buy then just the refill pages for 2018! Buying for holiday gifts!

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