A while back, ANGIE on the AMR message board asked how we all store our punches, so I took a pic of my awesome, high tech punch storage system {insert eye roll here…}. I also have my handy little Xryon “X” ADHESIVE MACHINE and Pebbles Inc. RIBBON IRON in there, too.


It’s just a nylon tote I picked up ages ago at Michaels, but it’s good quality and has held together well given how packed I have it and how heavy it is. I think it was by Crop, Paper Scissors but the tag and receipt are long gone, so I’m not sure. I can’t find a photo online anywhere either, which is bizarre.

Anyway, here is why I like my punch storage:

1. It has handles and I can easily take it to crops, where I share them with everyone. {Punch love cannot be contained, and should be shared in the interest of world peace}.
2. Because it’s not hard-sided, there is some flexibility on where I can cram…ahem, PUT…punches of different sizes and shapes.
3. It was inexpensive.

The only con:

1. It is full.

Yet I don’t feel like I’m done buying punches. Not sure what to do about this dilemma yet. Yeah, I should probably stop buying punches. Hey, it’s not my fault. They keep coming out with new ones that are soooo cute. And with a coupon or sale, they are way cost effective for the use I get from them.

How do you store your punches?

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    Hey girlfriend! Thanks for the kudos! Loving your blog posts. Always love all the great info I get here, but am especially enjoying all your great lo’s. You’ve been busy! You are so talented.

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    Hey, I store my punches over rails that are attached to the wall – i love that i can see them all at the same time and tend to use them now more often then i did before. I posted a pic of it on my blog.

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    Leea says:

    I also do like Kristin here is a picture

    I now have a second rail (and soon to add third)

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    KarenSue says:

    love that tote, but my punches are stored in a clear shoe rack on the door. love that I can see them…but it isn’t very travel ready.

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    Great idea especially if you go to a lot of crops. My punches are organized and stored in labeled clear shoe boxes.

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