Wow, what a great way to start the day. Opened my e-mail and saw the consultant alert that Simple Stories (my favorite scrapbooking line EVER!) is releasing another new line soon … EEE! And not only that, it’s going to be another one of my favorites of all their lines so far (this release makes lucky 13).

Oh, what was that? Did you say “Quit jabbering and show us some pictures, mama”? Alright already! Here ya’ go …

Simple Stories Summer Fresh

*All images courtesy of the amazing and inspiring SIMPLE STORIES BLOG. Go there by 4/13/12 and leave a comment on THIS entry for a chance to win THE ENTIRE COLLECTION of Simple Stories “Summer Fresh.” None of that “Tweet, link, and Facebook us” nonsense. Just a straightforward “leave a comment and you might win.” Fabs.

As always, if you plan to purchase anything from this line, I would be honored if you’d do so through my Memory Works WEBSITE. If you subscribe to my blog (just enter your e-mail address there at the upper right), you’ll get an e-mail every time I post … including when I post that “Summer Fresh” is available ~ it’s expected later this month!

Then you can haul your tookie over to my website and place an order. Once payment has cleared, it will ship straight to you within 1-2 business days. And you’re gonna’ want this one right quick … summer is just around the corner :)

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    Love that new summer collection. Great primary colors! Reminds me of picnics!

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    Great layout! I love the fun bright colours. The denim print is just too fun!

  3. avatar

    I am really looking forward to this line! So fun.

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    Polly Walters says:

    Oh my…great layout and I love the collection.

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    Kelly says:

    Love simple stories! Just got my 6 x 8 books–made of such good quality–can’t wait to get started with them!

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    Jessica H says:

    I love the Simple Stories kits and concept, but I have not yet put an album together using their kits. If I were lucky enough to win this prize I woul have my summer scrapping pretty much ready to go- just add pictures. Thanks for ofering a chance to win.

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    Tasha Cosenza-Mechels says:

    I LOVE this collection, I HAVE to have it! :)

  8. […] is my all-time favorite of the 13 Simple Stories lines {although when I see the new line “SUMMER FRESH” in person, it just may bonk down to #2, hee}. The colors are soooo warm and sunny. They go […]

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    JaYne says:

    is it horrible that I’m already planning my granddaughter’s new clothes to go with this line? So perfect for documenting her second summer!!!!

  10. avatar
    Frankie says:

    LOVE this line! I swear that every release from Simple Stories is better than the last one . . . how do they keep doing that?!?!

  11. […] whether to start some new layouts with all the fun goodies I’ve bought lately (can you say SUMMER FRESH or WHAT’S UP or MIX & MATCH or […]

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