I found THIS amazingly organized scrapbook room on one of my favorite manufacturer’s blogs, OCTOBER AFTERNOON.

The room belongs to Stacey and I just love it. She uses a lot of my favorite ways to organize including …

– 12×12 Sterlite-type drawers, which I love because they hold just the right amount, are easy to access, and easy to put things away in.

– Cropper Hopper vertical 12×12 paper holders which make your paper so easy to flip through. I use them to sort by manufacturer and put everything in there – 12×12 papers, letters, stickers, die cuts, ribbon, and all other embellishments. I like to scrap using things from the same line and sometimes mixing and matching from the same manufacturer (many use the same color families over and over, which I love!). So I love having everything from, say, CRATE PAPER or FANCY PANTS, all in one place.

– Ribbon in jars … not only can you see all the varieties you have so you know where to start diggin’ (LOL), but they’re so decorative too. Which leads me to another thing I love about Stacey’s room …

– Everything is organized by color, and in ROY G BIV order no less. It makes this anal retentive girl’s heart skip a beat! Srsly. I have my cardstock, ribbons, Stickles, brads/metal embellishments, and Making Memories paints all organized by color. I’ve toyed with the idea many times of organizing all of my embellishments that way – like EVERYTHING red in one holder, etc. – but I don’t think I’d like it. I can see it works well for her, though. It’s all in the way you personally scrap.

– Memorabilia organized by family member in accordion files. I would love to do this … but she must be WAY better at paring things down than I’ll ever be because I could never squeeze each family member into just one file, LOL.

So a big shout out to Stacey! She has, over all her years or scrapbooking and changing spaces, refined the systems that work for her. She’s super organized and has created a bright, functional space to create in.

What do you love about her room? What things would work for you and what wouldn’t? Do you use any of the same organizational systems of items she does?

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    yeah i can see why you have organization envy! I just wish I had that much space for a room! wow!

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    organization & scrapbook rooms are two of my favorite things, thanks for sharing!

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    I love her room. I have my own space too but I love her long wall with everything organized by color – so pretty!

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    I have envy and way too much stuff…kudos to her for being so organized!!

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    oh my word, what is there not to like! I just want a room other than my basement, that is unfinished, but you know then I would actually have to use it more than once a year;p

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    Erica says:

    That room is amazing!

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    I can see why you love this room, I love it too! The colors are amazing!

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    Oh what DON’T I love is more the question!! Well, first it’s light and bright, unlike my room which for all the windows still looks like a cave since it has ugly brown paneled walls and old flag stone flooring (used to be a patio) I love the window even though she says it gets hot. Love the storage ideas but would not keep my paper in drawers. My bff keeps hers that way and she says it is a huge pain to pull out paper when looking for specific colors. Now I guess it would work if only one shade of one color were stored per drawer, but can you imagine the drawer space you’d need?! I have cropper hopper vertical storage for my paper and love it!! Okay, other than that this room is dreamy! And the fact that she is in the middle of the action rather than relegated to some room far away from everything.

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