Oh NO she di-int!!! I received a package yesterday from my girl Leea aka luvzenkm2. You will not believe what she sent me! OMG. I’m totally floored.

First, some background: I’ve (online) known Leea for, what, a few years now? We met on CKMB and she also posts on AMR Message Board (though not often enough…hint, hint, Leea…). We read each other’s blogs but have never met in real life. Come to think of it, I haven’t met any MB’ers in real life (wutuppp???). She joined the same Journaling Spot Swap that I blogged about HERE. Anyway, so Leea has always been such a total sweetheart to me and I love her kindness and humor. For example, her tag line on her AMR siggie is “Illinios, where our governors make our license plates themselves.” You must check out her BLOG. She has a huge love for animals and nature, and is a talented digi-scrapper (check out her layouts in THIS post, for one!). Here is another favorite of mine:

So, anyway, on THIS post the other day about my love for Fancy Pants “Summer Soiree” and how I got 2 parts of the line but couldn’t afford my favorite thing, the Notebook Journal…

…she left this comment:

4 | Leea
Isn’t someones Birthday coming maybe that person will get it for their birthday ;-)

First of all, out of all the people she knows online, I thought it was so sweet she remembered I have a birthday this month {or took the time to look it up at AMR}. I laughed at the comment, thinking she meant that maybe my DH would see my post and get it for me or something. {Ahem, DH is not ALLOWED to read my blog, just for the record. “He let’s me buy all the scrapbook supplies I can hide,” remember? LOL}

A few days later, I got a PM from Leea at AMR saying that I should watch UPS tracking number such-and-such very closely. A called her a little minx and she would tell me no more. But I had a sneaking suspicion she was sending me a little birthday giftie. I knew it wouldn’t be the FP Notebook Journal because that baby costs $9 plus whatever shipping…WAY too generous! Well, you want to hear GENEROUS???

Here are photos of what I received from Miss Leea….


I was totally floored! Here is a list of all the goodies from the CHERRY ON TOP invoice (btw, they’re having a big sale this weekend but I don’t like to enable people so….). Look at her message at the bottom (sorry, it’s a bit blurry but I think you can read it:


I still can NOT believe all the cute stuff she sent! And all my favorite things like the MM wedding stuff that I wrote about HERE, Thickers that I wrote about HERE, and the journaling spots which she knows I can’t resist! And Bazzill swatches? I’ve always wanted some, yeah!

I think that is the truest, sweetest kind of friend who takes the time to find out what you love and they know will make you happy. Speaking of which, I absolutely will be sending Leea a return gift (I’m overdue in this respect anyway). But what do you send to a digi-girl? I will have to research that or maybe you guys can leave me some suggestions? Hmmm….Well, all I have left to say is….


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    Awesome friend you have there & some great stuff to play with

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    Isn’t she amazing?!? When I first joined CK she was my secret santa. She really went above and beyond. I {heart} her!

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    hey there Erika… what a beautiful gift… Leea is so sweet.. I am so glad u guys met.. thru my swap.. how neat is that??
    and ur right, sb friends are THE BEST!
    she was so generous and sent u such great stuff! lucky you!

    hugs, bonnierose

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    Leea says:

    Hey girl glad you got it, I hope they sent a gift receipt and not a receipt, as it got kinda hairy there for awhile …I have been so tied up with work and puppy (you know) that I miss everyone on the boards…maybe when the journal swap stuff gets here I will get to…Scrapbook…LOL…Again you are so welcome!

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    Mustangkayla says:

    How sweet is that!

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