During the last HSN Scrapbooking day, the only thing I ended up ordering was the Project Life “My Story” album kit:

It was about $30 with shipping and here is what’s in the kit:

Project Life My Story Kit with Album and Photo Sleeves
What’s your story? Document anything and everything in this My Story kit from Project Life. Filled with prompts to help you remember various important milestones and times in your life, this album is the perfect gift for just about anyone. Your legacy. Your story. Your life.

What You Get

6″ x 8″ Album
61 Pages of prompts to record your life story
12 Photo pocket pages
11 Dividers

Since then, I’ve seen that you can get JUST the pages on Becky’s site for $14.99:

You don’t get the album or the page protectors like with the HSN kit but you can order those separately on BH.com. I guess it was a good deal on HSN. Via BH.com, you’d pay $15 kit + $5 page protectors + $15 album = $35 (vs. the $25 I paid on HSN).

I didn’t know when I ordered the Project Life “My Story” kit from HSN.com that there would be such a delay before it shipped! It’s been over 3 week since I ordered it. I feel kind of misled about that because they sure didn’t make it clear in the presentation – like, “Hey, order now but be aware that these kits haven’t arrived at HSN yet so there will be a delay in shipping them.”

I still probably would’ve placed the order – but I’d like to have the choice, ya know? On the one hand, I’ve had a problem with the quality of one of the PL 6×8 albums; the metal spine came loose on one end and I don’t think it’s fixable. Also, I already have some Sn@p 6×8 albums and page protectors that I could probably use with this kit. On the other hand, I like that the album is specific to this project, with the “My Story” title and I like the design and colors.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when it arrives and I’ll post some photos. I’m very excited to get this kit and get started! It’ll probably take me forever to complete, LOL. But my goal is work on it during the winter and holidays when work slows down a bit, if we travel and I have “car time”, and during some cold winter days when I’m stuck inside :)

I think it’ll mainly be handwritten journaling and probably some research on dates and such. I’m lucky my mom is still around to help me :) I’m not sure about including photos in it – if I do, I’ll probably use copies, maybe even keep them all black and white so there’s a cohesive look to it and then I can embellish things a bit.

We’ll see when it gets here! Did you order this album? If you’ve received it already, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    Juliana Adams says:

    I am so glad you posted this. I am waiting and waiting for mine. The other items I purchased arrived and while I know when I ordered there would be a slight delay, mine has a estimated delivery date of more than a week ago. I was getting worried I had missed it or it was lost, but now it also has “packing now” next to it. So I am sure it has not even shipped yet. Wow, one of the reasons I love my Prime shipping with Amazon and the 2 day shipping with Sears/Kmart. Much easier to keep track of packages that are missing. But I sure am looking forward to getting this! Love your blog!

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      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Juliana – I got mine over a week ago and hope yours has arrived by now, too! I absolutely love it. I’m with ya’ on Amazon Prime shipping. I’m always amazed at how quickly things arrive – a very good thing for an anxious scrapbook shopper!

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting; I really appreciate it!

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    Hi there! I am happy that your shipment came with no problem. I hope you enjoy your order. I am waiting for mine as well. I got update with my shipment company from time to time. Glad they are very good with communication.

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