HSN.com has another scrapbooking and crafting day coming up soon. Here is the schedule – West Coasters, please note that our shows actually start at 9pm on 10-06-14 (Monday night):

Eastern Time Zone:

    Tuesday, 10-07-14

Midnight-1am: Anna Griffin
1-2am: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
2-3am: Martha Stewart
3-5am: Crafting Under $20
5-6am: Anna Griffin
6-7am: Crafting DIY
7-8am: Craft Room Essentials
8-9am: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
9-10am: Card-Making Tools & Supplies
10-11am: Crafting DIY
11-Noon: Anna Griffin
Noon-1pm: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
1-2pm: Crafting DIY
2-3pm: Singer Sewing
3-4pm: Anna Griffin
4-5pm: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
5-7pm: Craft Room Essentials
7-8pm: Singer Sewing
8-9pm: Card-Making Tools & Supplies
9-10pm: Anna Griffin
10-Midnight: 24-hour Craft Day Finale

Pacific Time Zone:

    Monday, 10-06-14

9-10pm: Anna Griffin
10-11pm: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
11-midnight: Martha Stewart

    Tuesday, 10-07-14

12-2am: Crafting Under $20
2-3am: Anna Griffin
3-4am: Crafting DIY
4-5am: Craft Room Essentials
5-6am: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
6-7am: Card-Making Tools & Supplies
7-8am: Crafting DIY
8-9am: Anna Griffin
9-10am: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
10-11am: Crafting DIY
11-Noon: Singer Sewing
12-1pm: Anna Griffin
1-2pm: Paper Crafting featuring Cricut Explore
2-4pm: Craft Room Essentials
4-5pm: Singer Sewing
5-6pm: Card-Making Tools & Supplies
6-7pm: Anna Griffin
7-9pm: 24-hour Craft Day Finale

I hear that the TSV (Today’s Special Value) will be a limited-edition, Wild Orchid (lavender) Cricut Explore with 3 new sets of digital content. There’s a video HERE on Anna’s blog if you’re interested.

Anna will also be offering her usual Christmas card kit which she talks about HERE. I’ve heard very good things about her past Christmas card kits – that they’re easy to put together but impressive, and you get a lot of completed cards from them.

I also see that LISA BEARNSON will be presenting . . . NEW PROJECT LIFE on the HSN Craft Day!! Okay, now I’ll be there fo’ sho! {Click on that linkee to enter a giveaway and to see a bunch of photos of the new PL kits}.

LOVE NOTES kit by Project Life

LUCKY CHARM kit by Project Life

NOTES & THINGS kit by Project Life

CHRISTMAS WISH kit by Project Life

Oh em gee! You *have* to go to Lisa’s blog and see all the photos of these kits. You’ll fall in love like I have! I’m getting “Love Notes” and “Christmas Wish” for sure. The other two are awesome but I’m more of a silver girl than gold. That’s why I’m so happy to see the Christmas kit – all that silver – swoon! {There’s been SO much gold in scrapbooking lately and I’ve felt left out, LOL!}

Pssst! There’s another must-have Project Life kit teased on Lisa’s blog. Go check it out – and she even tells you the exact time she’ll debut it. AND . . . possibly 2 other new kits, if they arrive at HSN in time. That’s about as “brand new” as it gets. I’ll be watching and the suspense is killing me :)

Speaking of which, here are Lisa’s expected times but they’ve changed last minute before so I suggest you just DVR the whole dang thing, just in case ;)

So, are you excited about any of the scrapbooking items coming up on HSN next week?

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  1. avatar

    Uh oh! Better hold on tight to my wallet! LOL! Sounds like an eventful day – will have to check it out :)

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Margie! I’m with you – lots of things tempting me in that line-up. Oh no . . . At least it’s been a while since HSN stuff did that so I don’t feel as guilty, LOL.

  2. avatar

    Thanks for the post. I get excited about HSN craft day each time it comes around. :)
    You’re right about the Christmas kit. It became my travel craft kit and put almot 40 cards together while on trips. Anna Griffin designs are beautiful.
    (picsandart on SnY)

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Dianne! I love HSN craft days, too! It’s like a scrapbooker’s holiday; gets put on the calendar and everything, LOL. Thank you for the recommendation on Anna’s Christmas card kit. What a great idea to work on the cards while you travel :)

  3. avatar

    Anna Griffin has had her hands permanently attached to my wallet for years.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      HA! Maybe you should give her your Visa number and call it good ;) You know, save a step and all . . . (Thanks, you made me laugh).

  4. avatar

    Wow, the new PL! thanks for sharing. Not a fan of red glitter, so I’d skip Love Notes, but really like the others. Nice to see a bit of silver.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hey Debra! I hesitate because of the red glitter, too. I’m going to watch the demo and see how it looks ‘in person’. I love the colors and designs of that kit but remembered I have the “Love” Sn@p set that’s similar. I don’t even scrap Valentine’s day much – I’m just a sucker for all those hearts! I was also thinking I could use the glitter hearts on Valentine’s cards and just use the PL cards in my album. (See how I’m trying REALLY hard to justify buying the Love Notes kit? LOL). If you get any of the new PL kits, please let me know what you think of them!

  5. avatar

    Did the Wild Orchid Explore sell out or will they bring it back at a later date?

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