These normally retail for $29.99 so you would be cray-cray in the head to pass this up. Srsly.

Project Life Core Kit – Honey Edition

Project Life Core Kit – Kraft Edition

I love the “Honey” kit so much, I wrote a blog post here about it being my all-time favorite. And if you click on that link above, you’ll see the one and only Amazon review I’ve ever written. What a scrap goober, LOL!

There are discounts on some other Project Life items at Amazon but the “Honey” and “Kraft” kits are at by far the largest discount. I noticed that the “Rain” and “Jade” kits are $6 off which, for those of us who can’t get those kits at Michaels, is a good deal.

I already have the “Honey” and “Kraft” kits so I’m trying to think of someone I can gift for Christmas. And I’m tempted by “Rain” … it’s one of the few kits I don’t have (gulp!). It’s just that I hate to pass up such an amazing deal. Ya’ feel me?

If you watched CreativeLIVE all weekend like I did, I know you’re jacked to get lots of Project Life scrappin’ done now, am I right? If I know Amazon, these prices will creep back up soon so if you’re going to get them, please don’t hesitate.

Happy Scrappy Shopping!

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    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve had the Kraft kit on my wishlist for months, and I don’t even officially do PL yet!

    Oh, and side note…it added an additional discount of $1.25 to my order (called BECKY10) for some reason. I’m an Amazon Prime member, so the total price ended up being $12.31.

    YAY :D

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    Julie B says:

    BTW, when I went to buy this there was an extra 10% off! Thank you for the heads up on this.

  3. avatar
    Frankie says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I ordered the Kraft kit for a grand total of $11.24. Weird, huh?

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