You know I’m a big fan of Lain Ehmann’s True Scrap events. You know I love pocket page scrapbooking – Project Life, Simple Stories, free printables, MAMBI – you name it, I use it and adore it.

Even talking about storing my extensive collection gets me giddy :D

So you can imagine my excitement when at a recent scrapinar, Lain hinted at a NEW True Scrap event coming up that was centered around pocket page scrapbooking. Couldn’t wait for more details. Welllll, now they’re here!!!

Lain has announced TRUE SCRAP POCKET PAGES !!! and !! and then summa’ this !!!!!!!

Please click on ^^that^^ link to learn all about the event – when, instructors, cost, sponsors (i.e., who is providing all the awesome PRIZES}, etc.

You also need to go there because if you sign up for the True Scrap Pocket Pages e-mail list using my link, you’ll receive early bird notification of a DISCOUNT CODE that will make attending a no-brainer.

All you have to do is CLICK HERE, my pocket page sistah!

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! Would it be wrong to wish the holidays would pass quickly so I can get to my pocket page True Scrap?!?! Yeah, probably, huh?

Well, if lovin’ pocket pages is wrong, I don’t wanna’ be right!

Have a great week, my loves … :)

PS: Speaking of pocket page scrapping, Simple Stories “Daily Grind” has arrived in the Memory Works store!! Please take a look, fall in love <3, and e-mail your order to me: scrapbookobession(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll send you a Paypal invoice ASAP and we'll get some Daily Grind on the way to you faster than I can slurp down a cup of coffee on a cold morning. AKA fast!

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    Sounds great! I’ve just started pocket pages and am really loving it!

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    Sounds like an awesome class :)

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