OCTOBER AFTERNOON, you are KILLING me right now!

october afternoon warehouse sale

I mean, it’s all well and good for you Minnesota bee-yotches. Whoo hoo for you. But I’m on the stinkin’ West Coast. Fat lot a good a warehouse sale in Minnestoa does me.

I mean, I’m only, like, omigod! Their #1 fan! U R 2 GOOD 2 B TRU … oh, wha? I just had a flashback to junior high there for a second.

So HERE is where I learned about the October Afternoon warehouse sale {from the Peas of course}.

As we speak, I have “SIDEWALKS” in my shopping cart at two online stores while I dig for quarters in the couches, turn in aluminum cans, and sell my plasma. Hey, Collection Packs ain’t cheap but I need it all!

october afternoon sidewalks

I mean, HULLOH! Is that gorge or what?
ETA: I wish I could claim this layout but it’s courtesy of the October Afternoon blog :)

HERE is the announcement on their blog.

If you go, please come tell us about it, whatcha’ got, how many eyes you had to gouge out, etc.

No, wait, I don’t want to know. I’ll be even MORE jealous … if that’s possible.
No, come tell me.
No, don’t!

Jeez, I don’t know why my husband says I’m indecisive. I’m am VERY decisive! Well, I am sometimes but then sometimes I’m just not really sure. Like, should I make a decision or shouldn’t I?

* * * *

October Afternoon warehouse sale.

In Minnesota.


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  1. avatar

    Oh my. I’m also an OA fan, but I’m in the UK so even further away :( Although maybe it is for the best for my bank balance. Becky x

  2. avatar
    Danielle says:

    I love their stuff, but since I am no where near them, I will have to live vicariously through others who do.

  3. avatar

    I’ve often wanted to visit Utah simply to visit all the cool companies based there, so I completely relate!! :)

  4. avatar

    Seriously think it would be the most fun sale ever! :)

  5. avatar

    I will be in MN but no where near Apple Valley.. sighs.. I wish I could go.. I would stock up for sure.. love their stuff.. big sigh.

  6. avatar

    Lol! I’m nowhere near it either.

  7. avatar

    me’sa jealous too

  8. avatar

    LOL!! I love your post! Cracked me up. Great layout!

  9. avatar
    Sylvia Jones says:

    You are so stinking hilarious. I dunno why I haven’t ever posted on your blog before… haven’t ever?… shouldn’t it be why I have never?… who knows? Here I am! Lucky you!! Bwahahahahahahha!!!!

  10. avatar

    I also love their products. But I can’t find their items available in our local craft stores here.

  11. […] this time last year, I was lamenting the October Afternoon Warehouse Sale 2011 . . . in Minnesota. {I live in […]

  12. avatar

    hey…stumbled on your blog while looking for the OA Warehouse sale address… I am going tomorrow. Last time they sold paper in large packs, so I will probably be splitting up my score. Let me know if you some and I can cut you in, my fellow scrapaddict. :)

  13. avatar

    (wha? weird, it linked product after my comment, and I don’t know why… or how to get rid of it. Sorry!)

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