I organized my bedroom clothes closet recently. Well, one of my clothes closets. I have part of another closet where I keep my hanging stuff, luggage, and some storage. This closet is more like a walk-in dresser, LOL. Hey, I work from home. My everyday wardrobe mainly consists of tees, jeans, and sweats.

It’s a miracle that deserves an annually-observed holiday, because it was sooooooo long overdue. You couldn’t pay me enough to show you the Before* … WAY too embarrassing … but here is the After.

* Then again, maybe you could.

This picture is also embarrassing to show, because I realize that I have a Normal, Boring, Person with No Money Closet … as opposed to a Martha Stewart Closet or an HGTV Perfect Closet or even a Decorator Blog or Becky Higgins Closet. So I’m sorry if it’s underwhelming, LOL.

But I’m for real. I can’t afford fancy bins and baskets from POTTERY BARN nor awesome customized closet systems by ELFA or IKEA. I have cheap wire cubes from TARGET and older hanging shoe and sweater organizers made of cheap plastic which have sagged over time.

And I’ll replace those when they physically fall apart, LOL. Srsly. I’m the only one who goes into this cave and I couldn’t care less if it looks pretty, as long as I can find stuff. In the morning. In my half-lidded stupor. Before coffee.

Here is a closer view. Shoes in their place. I can see the floor again. “Ohhhhh …. so THAT’S what the floor looks like!?!?”

So I was proud of myself nonetheless. It took ALL DAY on a Saturday. I guess it looks like I still have too much, and maybe I do, but I filled 8 trash bags and 10 donate bags. I let go of a lot and yes, it did feel good! It had probably been 5 years since I’d done a thorough clean-out of my closet, so older clothes and things I no longer wore were just stacked and stacked and stacked. It was entirely ridonculous.

Like HOARDERS ridonculous.

Then it got to the point where it was so intimidating and daunting to confront, that I just … didn’t. I lived with it. I made sure to keep my closet door shut so I didn’t have to “see” it, except for the few minutes a day it took me to choose and put away clothes.

Anyway, saying that I’m glad it’s done is a huge understatement. I just hope I can stay on top of things better from now on. I know the tees in ROYGBIV color order won’t last long but that’s okay. As long as I can keep long sleeve tees together, my shoes in their holders, etc., I’ll be quite happy.

Is there a big job in your life you’ve tackled lately? Any organizing photos or stories you’d like to share? I’d love to see some blog links showing me what you’ve done, or your favorite organizational sites. Whatever you wanna’ talk about or comment on or share :)

Just don’t tell me I have too many shoes :) I mean, DUH.

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    Courtney says:

    Wow, your closet looks amazing! Wanna come do mine next? I have been working on organising our under the stairs storage area so I could get to the christmas stuff D:, then after that most likely it will be cleaning out my dresser and then the closet.

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    Looks awesome… wanna come do mine? I have a black velvet dress from my friends wedding that I kept thinking I’d wear it again… Let’s see that was 14 years ago… I haven’t put it on since. Why do we keep that stuff??? I’ve been wanting to clean my closet out for a month or more. You’ve inspired me!!

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    Good job organizing. You’ve motivated me to get up and get some work done on my closet.

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    Gloria Martens says:

    Now why did you have to include that last statement? I was going to say that looks like you have quite a monetary investment in shoes going there. But won’t say it now. LOL Your closet looks fine. I would much rather spend my $$$ on things in my house that everyone sees rather than stuck away in my closet. I have done a bit of heavy cleaning recently. Took everything off the top of my cabinets in the kitchen/breakfast room and got it all clean up there. Washed everything and discarded some things then put it all back a bit differently. Makes me feel good everytime I look at it.

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    Your closet is lookin good. I was going to mention that for someone who just wears jeans, tees and sweats, boy you have alot of shoes LOL. But I won’t.
    I am s l o w l y working on organizing my scrap/craft room.
    But just cuz you asked here is my closet organizing

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    Michelle K says:

    I have been working on my scrapbooking space in the guest bedroom. It’s a work in progress. It is already much easier to figure out what I have and don’t have (so that I don’t buy things I don’t need). Plus, if I am heading out to a crop, it’s very easy to grab what I want to bring. To think I used to just shove all my supplies into duffel bags and old backpacks…I guess I now have too much for THAT system ;)

    I plan on tackling a few closets as well – that’s going to take some time and some thought as to what I may need to keep everything organized in an inexpensive way…I’ll have to get back to you…

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