As I mentioned HERE back in early January 2014, some Michaels received new Project Life items including 6×8 albums, page protectors, and kits to use in them for Planner, Agenda, and Recipe.

Well, what should I spy at my Mike’s almost 2 months later but this!?!?:


Yeppers, some of the page protectors and 1 of the 3 kits. I have a zillion 6×8 Sn@p! pages so I don’t need more of those for now but I did snatch up the “Planner” Project Life kit. It was $4.99 minus $2.00 with my 40% off coupon. So only $2.99 for 40 cards – pretty cost effective.


And it’s really cute! I love the theme, colors, and style. I think I’ll get a lot of use from these cards. Here are some photos in case you’d like a closer look:

4×6 cards



3×4 cards






It’s very everyday, happy, and fresh. It looks great with one of my other favorite Project Life kits, HONEY. {I talk about why it’s one of my faves HERE}.

Not to enable or anything – ‘cuz you know I hate to do that – but “Honey” and “Olive” are only $23 and “Turquoise” is only $18 at the moment HERE on Amazon. These kits are usually $30 so that’s a great deal ;)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know not to give up hope on finding the “new” Project Life items at your Michaels. They may still show up!

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    Very nice and bright!

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    I love the colors and patterns!

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    Is it my imagination or are some of those designs from a previous line?? That brown card with the push pins and paperclips, and the one with the hand drawn scallops just feel so familiar… I feel like that’s a “vintage” AC line from back in the day? And, of course, I feel like there’s a good chance that that “vintage” line is still lurking in my scraproom somewhere – lol

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    Thanks for posting the pics of all the cards. These are now in at my M’s but I didn’t buy them since I have no real need for another planner. Had no idea the cards are actually more generic. They are really cute and would make a nice addition to my PL pages. I love the album size and the pps. I like the BH mini albums, but hate that they are bound and you can’t add/delete/change pages. This solves that problem! Thanks for sharing!

  5. […] asked if they had any planner products other than the ones I’d bought way back when. She showed me some planner items that I wasn’t aware of, although they¬†weren’t new […]

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