So, were you one of the lucky Michaels shoppers to receive an offer to join a rewards program? Yeah, me neither. What up?? I heard about it HERE, and here are samples I copied from the thread of offers being sent out:

Join the Michaels Rewards Program and get…

40% off any one regular price item every time you shop
20 points for every $1 you spend at M’s; once you reach 2000 points we’ll automatically send you a $10 M’s Gift Card
60% off custom framing all year long
An exclusive membership card
One full year of membership

Here’s How it works:
Save on all the things you love – join M’s Rewards for only $24.99 a year.
Save every time you shop, use your card and get 40% off any one regular price item, earn points and save 60% on custom framing.
Stay updated and track your points online.
Get rewarded, earn 2000 points and get a $10 M’s Gift Card
Continue shopping with your card to get your discounts and earn points.

Or this….

10% off your entire regular price purchase every time you shop
An exclusive membership card
One full year of membership
FREE membership

Or this…

$9.99 to join for one year
40% off one item everytime i shop
50% off all framing
5 points for every dollar spenr
2000 points=$10 gift card

As I said, these are just summarized from the 2peas thread. Theoretically, if I had gotten an e-mail offer, I would consider joining the rewards program. Geesh, for all the free publicity I give them, shouldn’t THEY be paying ME to give me a discount and rewards points? Yeah, yeah, that’s what I thought! Maybe it all has something to do with this NEW GUY, Mr. Experienced in Craft Sales Marketing.

Seriously though….did you get an offer, what did it entail, and are you going to join the Michaels Rewards Program?

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    Michelle L says:

    Nope, no reward program offer here, though I’ve certainly spent enough there to earn it! In truth, though, I think I’ve already bought everything there I want (and rarely fall in love with designers’ new lines these days), so it’s probably just as well.

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    Cassi says:

    I was offerred the $24.99 program last night via email. I really have no interest in paying that much for a rewards program. Personally, I think reward programs should be free — truly a reward to the customer. Reward programs you have to pay for should be called something else e.g. Premium Membership.

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    Cassi says:

    Scrappin’ Cricut posts the weekly coupons for craft stores. The last two weeks she has had a “Members Only” coupon for Michaels (one item at 50% off and the typical exlcusions still apply). This special savings sounds like a perk not mentioned in the above programs.

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    I didn’t either and I agree with Cassi on the reward program should be free.

    I don’t think I would join if I have to pay for it.

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

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    When I started that thread last night, I didn’t think there were so many different offers… The only reason I was considering it was b/c my offer gives 20 points for every $1 spent, and I can spend some $$ at M’s w/o blinking. I noticed the other offers for 1, 5 or 10 points for every $1. I guess they charge a little more (24.99) to earn more points faster. I’ve gotta work some math here. If I did this right, I can get $10 back for every $100 I spend (2000 points = $10 gc). hmmmm….

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    stacey says:

    i got one and mine for 19.99 i cant seam to figure out why they would have a different price for different people. i think its stupid. do they not think us scrapbookers talk or something. they just screwed themselves out of alot of sign ups for this!!

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    Nope, wasn’t one of the lucky ones… does this mean that there will not be any more coupons??

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    pegg says:

    I received the offer – for $19.99 per year, however, 10 points for $1 spent, 55% off custom framing, 40% off coupon, 2000 points = $10 gift card….

    Why would they make it so different for everyone!?

    I hope they still do the coupons by email! It doesn’t seem like they will now…………

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    My email said

    10% off your entire regular price purchase every time you shop
    An exclusive membership card
    One full year of membership

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    I hope they don’t stop taking the joann’s coupons but that’s what looks like may happen

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    I just clicked on it join & my offer cost $4.99

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    Nice summarized post! :)

    Considering the gift card prices

    With a $25 membership, you get the $10 gift card for every $100 spent. With the $20 (or is it $10? I’ve seen different things) membership, you get $10 gift card for every $400 spent.

    I will redeem the $25 membership fee once I spend $300 and get a $30 gift card.

    If I were to join, I think the best offer would actually be the $25 one I’ll go with… custom framing can get really expensive, and 60% off can be significantly better than 50% off when you have a lot of things to frame.

    I’m still considering joining even though I heard many negative feedbacks.

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    scrappysuzz says:

    Nope, no offer for me! And I thought I was in Mike’s inner circle!!! :) I agree with Cassi, offer me rewards, but make me pay for it? I think I would probably pass, most of my stuff is bought online anyway.

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    Gigi says:

    I got an offer, too. Mine was the $4.99 membership fee with 10% off my regular-price purchase every time I shop. Doesn’t seem like such a great perk, because when I go to Michael’s, I only buy stuff that’s on sale. If I do pick up a regular-price item, I use a 40% coupon from the newspaper.

    I agree that a true rewards program should be free (like the Hallmark Gold Crown program), and you earn a reward that is proportional to the amount you spend. At any rate, I’ll pass.

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    Kitchenwitch says:

    I feel like I got the worst offer of all – $24.99 a year, which gets me 20% off my regular price purchase every time I shop. So only full-price items are discounted. Then 60% off custom framing (which I never, ever do). Oh, I DO get an exclusive membership card AND a full year of membership for my 25 bucks. Definitely passing on this one. Wish I could tell them just what I don’t like about the offer. Why don’t they offer you a couple of plans to choose from? Obviously they’re testing to see which one pulls best. I’ve spent plenty of money at Michael’s, and this offer seems like a slap in the face.

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    jennifer says:

    I got the $9.99 plus 40% off every time I shop. I also get 5 pts for every dollar and $10.00 after 200 points. During the holidays I have all my neighbors save their coupons for me so just to have 40% off every time without a coupon is a no brainer for me to join. I can make up the $9.99 in just a few trips. I’ve also been one of their online members for quite a while, I don’t know if this had anything to do with who got it and who didn’t

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    Chrissy says:

    I just joined. mine was the $24.99 get 20% off entire purchase everytime you shop and 60% off custom framing with 20 point for every $1 spent get a $10 gift card when you reach 2000 pointys. I waited until the last minute to join so that I could ask my locals these few questions:

    Q: Can I still use my coupons that I get in my emails with the rewards card?

    A: Yes. You have to scan your items, scan the coupons then scan you rewards card in order to use both. She read thats triaght from her notes by the register.

    Q: Does it count for clearance items?
    Yes. But not items currently on sale. It is also subject to exclusions on normal coupons like for Cricut stuff.

    Q: Can I use it to pay for classes?
    It didn’t say specifically but as far as she knew it the answer was yes.

    I had to join. I normally download coupons from sites if I didn’t get sent one. And I also print out a copy for someone I see in the store (that’s how I Pay-It-Forward). Saving an extra 20% on top of the 40%-50% from the coupon is bananas! I make back my money when I spend $125! That’s one Michaels trip easy.

  18. avatar
    Chrissy says:

    Sorry for the typos.

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    jamrtist says:

    I was offered the $9.99 to join for one year
    40% off one item every time I shop
    50% off all framing
    5 points for every dollar spent
    2000 points=$10 gift card

    I feel lucky to have gotten the offer so now I don’t have to bother with the 40% coupons. I am okay with paying the $10, because it is well worth it for me. No printing the 40 every time and making sure I have it with me. Also 40 off every time I shop multiple times a week. Some how I was able to get the right offer for me. It was the the only one I would have taken. I usually go in for one item or two, so the 20% isn’t really worth it for me. And I do my own custom framing so that doesn’t really matter either.

    I think it is really unfair that not everyone got the offer and that you can’t choose your plan. I wonder if they have been tracking all of the coupons through the computer and deciding for you what is best by the type of purchases you make.

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    Morgan says:

    M’s trying to figure out which deals come out the best. Different people need different things and spend their money in different ways. The point of all these offers is to see if and what actually brings more customers into the stores. This offer may not even stick. But if it turns out well, they’ll tweak it where it needs to be tweaked and begin to offer it to everyone.

    If you want change to happen, you have to go to the source. Send email’s to M’s corporate offices. Send letters. Call the customer service line. If you do not tell the company what YOU want and what YOU think would work better, they cannot help YOU. What THEY don’t know, can hurt YOU more.

    They do not track purchases individual customers make. Its not like every time Suzy Q comes in and purchases something, she’s put on a list. They can only see what items are purchased at what times and how busy they are at the registers. Customers have complete anonymity, unless of course, they have a rewards card. THAT information is logged.

    They won’t ever stop that because it pulls customers from competitors.

    Everyone has a voice. Use it.

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    Morgan says:

    *they wont ever stop that* I mean they won’t ever stop accepting competitor coupons because THAT pulls in more customers.


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    jess says:

    i work at michaels, and rewards card was offered to certain people who have an account online and recieve the coupons. & if you spend any money at michaels then it is worth it. I also feel that it is a REWARD because you get $10 giftcards every time you spend a certain amount. which easily makes up for the money that you spend. It is also a reward because not every one gets it, so you should take advantage if you like to shop there!

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    jess says:

    We will still do coupons and we will still take JoAnn& ACmore coupons.

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    Susan McClure, MS, OTR/L says:

    I joined with the $19.95 offer and have used it once. Plus I now also have several 40% coupons for next week and from my understanding I can use one of the coupons when I use the card so essentially would get 40% off on two regularly priced items with one purchase. Do you get the points for sale items? I tried to find the information about the card and evidently can not seem to find the web site that gives me the information. I am always amazed how the little items can add up.

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    I received the $9.99 for one year. I joined. I have spent a ton of $ and still no gift card(s). I can’t even find any info on this program and how to redeem your pts. Michael’s needs to step up to the plate and explain the entire program. I do think it can be a good deal, if it worked!!!!

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      Nancy Ebert says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Michaels’ needs to honor what they have offered.

    2. avatar

      Have you tried logging into your Michaels account? I think it’s on the front page of Michaels here: Maybe that webpage would explain how to redeem your gift card?

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    Nancy Ebert says:

    I joined this reward program when first advertised and received my card. From the first time I presented in the store, to the last time (Today) the cashier is unable to scan the bar code, NOR is she able to manually put it in the system. I’ve probably missed out on all my purchases to collect the rewards. As a loyal member and frequent Michaels’ shopper, will someone plese look into this and resond per e-mail. I have called the 800 number and have not had any success in reaching anyone. Thank you in advance for a prompt response.

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      I’ve had successes every time I try to use my card at Michaels. Perhaps there is an e-mail to contact them online? … I just looked it up and I believe this is the e-mail Good luck with your card and program!

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    Chrissy says:

    I just got my first $10 gift card for spending enough to get 2000 points. I have to admit it feels good! But also, I have been running into problems using coupons AND the card. My Michaels says that I am now NOT allowed to use coupons and the card I have to pick one. Whatever. i just do seperate transactions.

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    rosio says:

    i want to know if you guys could send me request for the michaels rewards card.because when you guys had send it to me i was having money please can you please send it again .thank you

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    Ranai says:

    My rewards offer was for a free membership. You receive 10 points for every $1 you spend, earn 2000 points to get a $5 gift certificate. I don’t care about the 40% off in my offer because we already get those coupons by email and I just print lots out. :)

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    I had the same membership as Ranai above.

    I got my $10 Michaels gift card in the mail last week, and spent it on holiday yarn :D

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    Rose says:

    A rewards program should not have to cost you a cent!
    Nope, I won’t bite on this one!
    Thanks anyway!

  32. avatar

    This is the first I’ve ever heard of this program…hmmm…I’m going to have to look into it. To be honest, however, it sounds UBER confusing!

  33. avatar
    Deanna says:

    Now I am really confused – I got an e-mail about joining, but it didn’t cost anything and they where trying to ge people to sign up at our Micheal’s for it.

    It’s like the rewards cards you use at the grocery stores – nothing special about it. I just know how much I spend at Micheals that it is worth it.

  34. avatar

    How do I register for the cards I received at the store?

  35. avatar

    Just an update for end of 2011 for those googling the program..
    The Rewards program is now totally free, and being used in 275 of their stores. It is offered to all customers at checkout. There is also a Gold Status as a member as well.. and the other FAQ are answered at

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