I have a sweet internet friend who always points out cool online things to me, and I usually snag her ideas and blog about them. We were messaging back and forth the other night about THIS post on typos (or typo’s, as you prefer) in scrapbooking magazines. She asked if I had seen a layout over at Pink Paislee with a typo or mistake in the title, and I hadn’t so I went looking for it.

And lookee lookee what I found on the PINK PAISLEE BLOG while I was lost….a stupendous Wall of Alphas!!!


Once you get past the total Eye Candy aspect.
And then you quit hating the lucky bee-yotch that owns this yummy wall of scrap goodness.
Then – and only then – do you step back and say to yourself, “Wowee, that is one cool way to store alphas.”

Just thought I’d share.

I personally couldn’t get away with an Alphabet Wall. I’m more from the school of thought that says, “Hide and compact the stash as much as possible so husband has no clear idea how much money I have spent on said stash.” But that’s just me, LOL.

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    scrappysuzz says:

    Wow! That’s awesome! But my kids would totally mess with all of it. Oh to have my own scrap room…..without sharing with the office……..with a lock on the door!!!! :)

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    **DROOL** Great eye candy!

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    Rebecca says:

    Well I guess I am glad you like it :-)

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    I love it but not for me, I have cats…lots of them and those to them are not alphabets tehy are toys so no, now find me things in containers with lids and I´ll be your fan forever!

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    very cute collection of hanging scrap books

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    Lisa says:

    Hanging the alpha stickers looks amazing, however I’m in the same club you are, the hide your new stuff from dh club :) so as much as I like the looks of this; it isn’t for me.

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    wow what I wouldn’t give to have a wall of alphas like that. MMMMmmm Yuimmy!

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    Karen C. says:

    oh my gosh, girl, you crack me up!

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    This is an awesome idea… and shockingly very cheap! You can get the rails at IKEA for under $5 each. I think they are like $1.99 or $2.99… something like that. And they sell the S hooks in a pack of 10 for 99 cents. How can you beat that??? And if you have a scrapbooking room you could put these on the walls in the closet or on the back of a door to try to hide them from the dh lol :)

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    Gerry says:

    I use a similar approach with peg board. I really like being able to see the packages, If I put them away, “out-of-sight; out-of mind”.

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    (Sigh). So this is what heaven is like?

    Shannnon, thank you for the suggestion as to how to build this so inexpensively! The great thing about scrapbookers is that along with extreme creativity on their pages, they have the most creative uses for items that would otherwise be considered extremely ordinary!

    So awesome… TOO Awesome!

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    Colleen says:

    This was such a great idea! Love being able to see my stickers out because I too forget if they are packed into a binder. Thank you for the photos and for the sources!

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