Okay, okay, okay! You all convinced me to take the plunge and actually commit to doing Project 365 next year. Sheesh. We’ve been talking about it on Scrap Sisters Studio HERE and have quite a little group going of scrappers who’re going to participate.

If you’re already an SSS member and are going to do P365, please come join us. And if you aren’t a member, Good God, why? You’re missing all the fun! So come join SCRAP SISTERS STUDIO and then be part of all the P365 fun over there. There is also a 2009 group that does daily posts on 2peas; I’m sure they’ll do it in 2010 also. Some people are going to do variations on 365, like a “52” weekly layout, or a “12” monthly layout. No matter how you slice it, join in on the message boards and help us all stay motivated with this project, okay?

The new year is only 9 days away, so we need to get moving and make some decisions. What size and type of album are you going to use? Will you do a full layout per day/week/month, or use the pocket page method shown in my last post? Which paper and embellies will you use ~ scraps, lines you already have on hand, Becky Higgins’ Project Life kit, or are you shopping for something? If you’re using the pocket page protectors, figure out which direction the slots go and make sure you’re taking your photos correctly (the correct mix of horizontal vs. vertical), or be aware that you’ll have some editing or cropping to do to your photos.

I’m waiting on the new line from MEMORY WORKS to use for my Project 365 album, which isn’t due out until mid-January, so I can’t concretely answer all of these questions myself. However, I’m paying attention to what other scrappers are doing and am getting some great ideas for my own album. Here is what I do know: I’m going to use the pocket pages method, and do a 2-page spread with 7 photos for each week. Using the sample in my last post, that would leave a slot for a title for the week, 4 slots to hold (7) 4×3 journaling cards and (1) 4×3 miscellaneous card or embellie.

The kit I plan to use is called “Life Documented” and it’s from the new Simple Stories system by Memory Works. I don’t know a ton about it, because they are being quite saucy about revealing sneak peeks little by little. But I’ve read through all the material on THIS site and here is my impression: It’s the perfect line for Project 365! LOL

Let me be more specific … There will be pre-cut journaling cards and embellishments in various sizes (12×6, 4×6, etc.) to slip into pocket page protectors of the same size. It’s a paper product, not digital, although free digital downloads will be available to enhance it. There is mention of a “catalog” so I’m assuming it won’t be one huge kit like Project Life, but separate elements you can purchase according to your own specific needs.

Here are some peeks of what it will look like:

I’m loving the colors and this is so totally my style. Hello!?!? Scallops, graph paper, and brackets? Hollah! I think the look is very versatile, and will go with pretty much any photo. I like the binder looking paper, the flourish swirls, all of it. No, I’m not just saying that because I’m a Memory Works consultant and it’s a Memory Works product. How dare! I think you know by now that I call it like I see it. If I think an MW product is fugly or stupid, I don’t mention it at all. That’s just how I roll.

Like any scrapbook company with a new product these days, Memory Works is hoping to use the power of the internet and social networking to get the word out about this new product. To that end, they are giving away ONE FREE KIT per week between 12/17/09 and 01/18/10 and you enter by spreading the word. Details are HERE. So if you’d like a chance at winning, or you just want to be nice and help me publicize this new kit (Seriously? Yeah, I was very cheeky there, wasn’t I?), please check it out and participate. If you like what you see, and think you could sell this and/or other MW products to your friends, talk to me about becoming a consultant. It’s basically a no-lose situation. (Ha ha, “situation.” Do you watch Jersey Shore on MTV? When Mike says, “Cuz that’s The Situation. If you’re a hater, I got a full-time job for you.” Oh, love it!)

They even have 4 cool blinkies for your blog or siggie line on message boards. Here is but one rockin’ blinkie:

Okay, MW commercial is over. I mainly wanted to share that I have in fact committed to doing Project 365 in 2010! Uh, why did I just break out in a cold sweat? I’m really counting on you guys to keep me on top of this thing. Don’t let me slide. Like people have said, you don’t HAVE to take a photo every day. You can fill in those slots with journaling, with a receipt from your trip to the grocery store or other ephemera of your life, or you can fill in with undated photos that you (if truth be told) took on a different day (Gasp! Wouldn’t that be like lying to myself and future generations?? Ha ha, just kidding. Crap, even I’m not THAT anal).

Hearing things like that takes the pressure off a bit. And that’s a good thing because I have enough pressure in my life without adding this on top of it. Do I take the Mercedes or the Escalade to Pilates today? Do we go to the opera or a Broadway show on Friday night? Should we send little Johnny to astronaut camp or Olympic skiing camp this summer? I mean, really, do I DESERVE any more pressure in my life? I think not.

Once January 1 arrives, I’ll start taking my daily photos and writing some quick journaling on my computer or in a journal. Then when I do have more information about Life Documented, and do have the actual “stuff” in my hands, I’ll start putting it all together. Ideally, it would be great to get the whole album kind of “pre-flighted” (is that just a military and law enforcement term?) with all the pocket pages, title cards, and journaling cards actually in place in the album. Then you just add the photos in as you print them, and write the journaling then too. I’ve heard this as a helpful hint from those who did P365 in 2009 and it sounds brilliant to me!

So, I hope you have decided to join me in Project 365 next year, but if you haven’t, I totally understand, girlfriend. Uh huh, yes I do….

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    Yes, I’m all over the P365 for 2010! I’m nervous and excited about it. I had planned on using up a lot of scraps and papers I’ve been hoarding for this project, but after seeing that LUSCIOUS memory works kit I’m having second thoughts. LOVING what I’m seeing, and I think it’s SO me, too. Love the distressed papers, the browns/teals/PINKS/limes/oranges/kraft/khaki color combo, the graph/ledger/bracket papers, and the journaling stuff. Not to mention, is that an adorable bingo card? HOLLAH! So what I’m saying is, if the price is right (hehehehe), and I’m still loving what I’m seeing when the saucy reveal happens then I’m all over it. ;) Thanks for the info and links.

    Oh…I’m about to post a linky on facebook to this post.

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    Ok so I am onboard too. A friend of mine did it this year with the Becky kit. Her tips:

    1. when you have time take filler pictures…ie laundry, dirty dishes, toys all over the floor, the car you drive, cell phone etc

    2. put the kit together as much as you can…protectors in the binder, week dates filled out..

    3. keep a journal of stuff you do everyday even if it is fought with the boys about taking out the trash…you will forget even 2 or 3 days later…

    4. if you get behind just get back into it as soon as you can, you can always go back and hit the highlights or use filler stuff for the season/month…

    5. take your camera EVERYWHERE…take pics of everything, food you order at resturant, tv shows you watch, where you shop, where you park, work,

    6. if you get stuck think of what you wish you had a picture of from your grandparents or parents lives…dishwasher? book? magazine? dust bunnies (if you have any)


    BTW I was going to use up my stash…but I am pretty sure I am lovn’ this kit!

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    I am loving this kit too, but will likely use my stash. Lord knows I have enough of it..

    Good luck Erika! I know you can do it!

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    Four words girlfriend: You Crack Me Up. ;) Come on Memory Works! You’re killin us here! I posted a link to MW on CKMB. That should do it, huh? :)

  5. […] news about the Simple Stories “Life Documented” line ~ yahoo! I am SO using this for my PROJECT 365! And probably lots of other stuff, too! It is super great looking, the price sounds right, and I […]

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    toliveinspired says:

    I am doing this for sure, I am going to do a week at time really, all on one page, the question for me is do I keep it digital, do I print it, if Print it weekly or so do I put it in a 81/2×11 binder or a 12×12 and gussy up around the 8 1/2 x 11 ?? Hmmmmm I will document it , play around with the layouts and then decide.. Ok done thinking outloud now.. I love hearing everyones ideas very inspiring.. Ecp since I am a newbie to the love of paper good and creating world!

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    Jaymie says:

    Thanks for posting this. I have been looking for new sneak peeks everyday. I LOVE what I’ve seen of this line!!

    I did a POTD last year and while it seems daunting at first, come December, it is totally worth it.

    One more tip that I have is to put the number of the day right on the photo. That way if you don’t print them out right away (Like until NOVEMBER!!!), it is so much easier to put in order.

    For organizing, I created a POTD folder and within that folder created a monthly folder. Then copied over the photos and renamed them according to what day it was. 1.365… 2.365. For filler photos, I used old photos that I had scanned in.

    Signed ~ a super excited,

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