So, I went to Michaels lastnight…just HAD to see if they had the BASIC GREY paper pads yet. The answer is a big fat NO. But they did have all paper pads on sale for 25% off, and an endcap full of other cool new paper pads. There was the glitter Christmas stack by Die Cuts with a View and matching mat stacks. Then a mess of new sets by Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI). Only one of those tempted me, but I was able to restrain myself. All punches were 40% off so I did get THIS ribbon slot punch by Fiskars that I’ve been eyeing for a month or so.

Because I want to weave ribbon through it on cards and layouts. You can also weave paper through it…a very cool look. I couldn’t find any layout samples to show you…if anyone has used their Leave It To Weaver punch on a layout or card, please give me a linkee!

ETA 9-8-08: I put the call out to AMR girlz for photos of their projects using this punch and two of them came through! Here are some cards from mystery woman ~Q~:

And Jessica aka jessicamae shared this layout:

{Okay, back to the original post….}
I’ve never been a big ‘punch’ girl, but all these new border punches are sucking me into Punch Land. What else did I get? OH! Finally found the BAZZILL at my Mike’s and I felt kinda stupid because it could’ve been there for a while and I never noticed it. It was just in the regular cardstock paper rack area where they’ve had the Paper Outlet stuff forevah! But it finally dawned on to me to check there and, sho nuff, Bazzill!! I wasn’t crazy about the 79 cents per sheet price tag, but when I saw that Bazzill Bling was the same price as the regular I got mostly Bling, as my LSS sells it for $1/sheet.

At checkout, I noticed the employees were wearing their stunning new UNIFORMS. I said to the checker, “I see you’re wearing the new uniforms.” {Dead silence}. So I added in my best sarcastic tone, “You must be thrilled” and she said, “Yeah.” Again with the crickets. And that was that. I did notice that everyone was wearing their own version of black top, khaki-colored pants (or beige or brown or olive, whatever they were in the mood for that day apparently) but not the required official black polo and khakis that I’d heard it would be. Reminded me of Target, where yes, the employees wear a red top and beige pants…but they personalize it with a blue mohawk, a pierced cheek, and a raging right arm sleeve (tattoo). Which to me defeats the purpose of the whole ‘corporate unity’ look they were even going for…but that’s just me. Oh, how I long for the days when I could shop without having to stare at holes in people’s faces, discs in their stretched out earlobes, and other things that make me hurt just to look at. I know, I know…I’m old fashioned and need to get a grip, right? Bah!

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    Gloria Martens says:

    The worst view is from the back side when those pants are a little too low and the one wearing them is squatting.(Need a Mr. Gross winkie here.) Such sights are just not the least enticing (to say the least!) Or low slung pants, too short top and too large muffin top. Yuck!

    I love that ribbon punch. Just recently bought one, but as so often happens, I haven’t used it for a LO yet. Might look for some just right pics today and give it a whirl.

    Will be checking in on you here now and then to be sure all is well with your world.

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    I don’t think you’re old fashioned. As my mother used to say…..”I think you have the good common sense that God gave you”. (Try that one on when you’re a teenager and loaded with catholic guilt!) I wonder if the powers that be somehow think that the “uniforms” make up for the indiscriminate holes, et al. They’d be shocked if they had to return to the good old IBM days of white long sleeved shirts. We’ve gone from one extreme to the other….makes my hippy dippy days look SO innocent!

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    Karen C. says:

    OM, you have brought up such a good point. If you want to attend a free freak show, just head on over to your local Target your guaranteed to get quite the show over there. Yeah, why make them wear a uniform if they can have pink hair, 25 facial piercings, etc… Doesn’t make sense to me!

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    I do like the some of the paper packs at M’s too. I just haven’t bought any yet because I have the DCWV fall stack from Joann’s. I’m glad you got your punch..i can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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    I haven’t seen the new uniforms yet at my M’s. I have some layouts and a card made with this punch here:

    With ribbon

    With paper

    The punch is a lot of fun!

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