On the CKMB, a member said she just went to a taping of the Martha Stewart show. Martha apparently said that her line of scrapbook-related products will be in Michaels stores beginning April 29th, 2007. Martha also said there will be a scrapbooking contest announced next week involving submitting your favorite layout image to her website in May. This post led to a discussion, and others began sharing information about ‘Martha at Mike’s”. Apparently, there have been sightings at various Mike’s around the country of room being made in the scrapbook aisles for her products, and even some signage. The other rumor was that one of her products will be an 18×18 scrapbook! Wowza, that’s fyuge-ous! How do all you scrappers feel about that?!? Seems pretty unwieldy to show off something that big, but it would be a blast to fill those pages…at least for someone like me who takes massive quantities of photos and insists on scrapbooking about 80% of them. The flyer at Mike’s referenced Martha Stewart Paper Crafts and it sounds like there will be party supplies and other paper items. The other news I’ve heard is there will be organizational products and/or scrapbook storage. Well, color me anxiously awaiting…

Update: I also hear that Martha will start using her products on her show starting May 7th. Scrapbook Products will include: fabric, post, expandable, albums 12 x 12, 8 1/2 x 11, AND 18 x 18 ($79.95, yikes). Also, photo boxes and 12×12 paper boxes that coordinate with her scrapbook supplies. Then there’s the scissors, stamps, paper trimmer, punches, glitter, pens, a geneology kit, and ribbons that will coordinate with gift wrapping paper and scrap products. And finally: birthday kits for kids, i.e. paper crafts for cups, plates, gift bags, decorations, invitations AND some labels, recipe cards, etc you can use for homemade baked goods as gifts (I’ve seen her do this on her show a lot; wonderful and thoughtful idea). Mind you, I’m NOT in the industry so I don’t know for sure if any of this is true…I’m just wrangling all the rumors and adding to my own anticipation, LOL.

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    Whoa! 12×12 is more than big enough for me thanks. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be wanting to go to 18×18. Plus you’d be limited on where you can buy yhe paper. Or maybe that’s the idea.

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    oooo 18×18…. okay, i’ll play: let’s say i fall into a whack of cash ~ unexpectedly ~ and my husband has no idea that i have it…

    then yes, i would go & buy an 18×18 album and some coordinated paper for a special project. however, i couldn’t possibly imagine doing that size regularly! holy cow! and i’m sure it would ~ logically ~ be more expensive, right?

    but it’s MARTHA. oh, the sly devil she is!!! i can just SMELL the money. clever girl.

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    I used to work at Michael’s and recently I spoke with a friend who is still working at our local store. She told me that the MS line of products should be available by the end of April, but that they will never be “on sale” and you will not be able to use any Michael’s coupons toward her products.

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    Hi Karen – See, you’re thinking like Martha Stewart now. That’s the way to become a bazillionaire. Well, that and a little bit of insider trading.

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    Hey Kelz – Yes, I’m hearing it will be very expensive…like $80 for the scrapbook and $2-3 per sheet of paper. I think you gotta really love Martha Stewart to lay out that kinda cash.

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    Hi Jen – Some stores are putting items out this week. Reviews have not been favorable. Many are upset about the non-coupon issue. Thanks for sharing the info.

  7. yorutunocn

    nice post

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    sheri says:

    I scrap book for other people too,,, i would never spend that kind of money on paper i knew it was going to cost $$$$ for her line

    have a scrappin day .. sheri

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    Hi Sheri – Her stuff is definitely higher end. One remark I remember from an article was she said she wanted her products to be “aspirational”. I took that to mean we should all aspire to own them = pricey.

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