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    You made me laugh out loud!

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    Mustangkayla says:

    Too funny! lol…that would be a good picture to save and show your kids. This is why you don’t swallow your gum…cause if you do and you fart this is what happens! lol….Do you happen to still have my e-mail addy? If you do could you please e-mail me? I lost your somehow!

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    jkaye says:

    ha-ha-ha…that was FUNNY..still chuckling…hee, hee…

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    LOL….that’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing ;)

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    ROFL!!! :)) thanks!

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    Jill T says:

    Too funny! Thanks for giving me a chuckle on a icky work day.

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    bubblebutt…rotflmbo still….it’s cracking me up every time I look at it.

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    LOL That is so funny. I laugh everytime I see it.

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    Too FUNNY!


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