Remember when Martha Stewart papercrafting products came out at Michael’s craft store, and you could NOT use the newspaper insert coupons on her items? Well, it seems that rule has changed. As of the Labor Day Weekend ad, Michaels coupons no longer show the “Martha Stewart products” exclusion in the teeny tiny print at the bottom. However, savvy shoppers who had been patiently waiting to use their 40% and 50% off coupons for Martha’s shizzle had varying levels of success. Apparently, many Mike’s employees were not notified of the switchover and refused to honor the coupons on Martha items. (I can picture various throw-downs at Mike’s around the US: Soccer/scrap-mom shouting: “Yes, you WILL give me that Martha paper punch for 1/2 price or I WILL be speaking to your manager!”). One customer was told that the new policy was not in effect until 9/23/07. I don’t get it…I’m showing you the coupon, the exclusion is gone, give me the dang discount! To test the corporate-education levels myself, I headed to Michaels on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend with my 50% off coupon good for Sun./Mon. I planned to find a higher priced Martha item (wait, was that saying the same thing twice?) and get that baby at a big discount. However, after a full 10 minutes perusing all of Martha’s shizzle, I could not find one measley item I wanted. (I did, however, find another item worthy of my coupon in the ‘regular’ scrapbooking stuff). So I can’t report to you whether or not my Mike’s honored the coupon, sorry. And I just headed over to the MICHAELS WEBSITE and here is their COUPON POLICY that is still posted as of today (9/11/07). It states “Michaels coupons may not be used to purchase … all Martha Stewart products.” Many confused scrappers have e-mailed them for some coupon clarification and, to my knowledge, have not received a response. As much as I love Michaels {and I show my love by the amount of money I’ve spent there over the years}, they are not exactly known for their stellar customer service. I know, I know, it’s like being told your cute little puppy just piddled on your best friend’s bare foot….you don’t want to hear it, but you know it’s true.

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    That was a totally entertaining!!! Thanks for the chuckles. I can see it now. Lines forming with coupons in hand. And everyone stomping their feet. Thanks for the update on the coupons!
    Love your blog!


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    I noticed the same thing on my 50% off coupon which I received in the mail today. Obviously we are either eternal optimists or rather dim-witted because I always look at the fine print whenever one of their coupons comes out to see if they have “forgotten” to put the Cricut or Martha Stewart exclusions on it. Initially when the Martha Stewart display was being set up at Michaels I was jazzed about the possibility of what I might purchase with my 40% off coupon. Truly, I was quite indignant when Michaels excluded Martha Stewart. Then…after week after week after week of disappointment, I found that I could actually live without Martha. Fancy Pants…now that’s another story. LOVE the new stamps!

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    HEY NOW, can you get Mikes coupons online? We don’t have a mikes here so we get no coupons. BUT once in a while I travel to Mikes a 45 mile trip. I love to pick ribbon up there!! These days I am so thrilled to say I have a new connection to be able to carry a huge huge list of brands now!! I can hardly wait for my new stuff to get here. SO it is like Christmas at my house with our without Martha’s okay to the coupon!! I have posted a list of all the new companies I will be able to get product from, some coming sooner then others! As always I love your blog!!

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    I wouldn’t have been able to find something Martha to buy either….I have looked. It is just blah!

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    Amen! That last sentence is exactly what mikes is like….adorable bad behaved puppy

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    Hi Rachel/Sunny! I’m so glad you like the blog, and I love your compliments. Picture me saying, “Oh, no, don’t go on…” while nodding my head “yes” and waving you forward (LOL). I love your blog too – everyone should check it out. Back to Martha…she is SO serious, I think I feel compelled to be funny/sarcastic whenever I talk about her :)

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    I was so jazzed when I saw the little signs at the Marth display…I love Martha stuff…too much maybe (heh-heh)!

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    That doesn’t surprise me. I worked for Joanns (a long time ago) and Martha’s stuff never went on sale and you couldn’t use coupons on it either.

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