Hey peeps, long time, no talk. Well, I hope you’re fittin’ to get sick of me because I’m about to take on ~ and blog about ~ a big project. I’m writing it down here so I don’t back out AGAIN with the “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have the space” excuses.


Can I get a witness!?!?!


This is a WAY long time coming. OMG, just WAIT until you see the before photos! You’re going to fuh-reak when you see what a pigsty I’ve been working in. And by “work” I mean do bills, play on the computer, and do my home transcription biz.

I do NOT, however, mean scrapbooking. Because that particular activity hasn’t taken place here in quite a damn while. {When you see the BEFORE pictures, you’ll see why}.

Did you know it’s impossible to scrap on top of piles? Yeppers, I’m a “piler.” That means that instead of putting things away right when I get them, I just pile them on my desk, the floor, the couch, whatever blank spot I can find. It’s like I think the Pile Clearing Fairies are going to come when I’m sleeping and put it all away for me. {Hey, if there’s a Scrap Santa, I don’t see why there can’t be Pile Clearing Fairies!}.

Here are the things that tend to end up on piles in my scrapbook room/home office:

New scrapbook supplies – because who am I kidding? that goes at the top of the list
Memorabilia – because apparently I have to save every. stinkin. thing.
School and work papers – “until I have time to go through them” … um, yeah, right …
Scrapbook magazines and catalogs
Receipts – because you *know* as soon as I trash a receipt, I’ll need to return one of the items on it

Like I said, I’ve wanted/planned to do this for a long time but HERE is the 2peas thread that’s motivating me to finally do it. Well, that thread plus the fact that I’m tired of stubbing my toes in my scrap room and I’m REALLY tired of not being able to scrapbook at home (crops are the only things that have kept me sane).

According to the scrapbook-organizing Peas, you can either attack your room’s “hot spots” or you can “go for broke.” Going for broke means emptying most everything out of your scrap space, getting it sorted and purged, and only putting back what you’ll use. I’ve been doing the Hot Spot deal for years and, honey pie, it ain’t workin’. Time to Go For Broke, I say.

I have three days off from work starting today ~ although I have some transcription work to do, plus all the “mom” stuff like entertaining kids on summer break, making meals, laundry, etc. Oh, I have a question: How many frozen pizzas do you think a family can (be forced to) eat before they stop speaking to you? Hmmm … then again, if it’s quiet around here, I can get this done faster ;)

So wish me luck, I’M GOIN’ IN!

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    Good luck, Erika! I feel your paint! lol

  2. avatar

    meant, pain! unless there is paint in the room….lol

  3. avatar

    Good luck!! Reading your post made me laugh… I’m the same. But I still manage to scrap on top of my piles :) :) It isn’t nearly as productive though. I’m currently working through a combination of the Hot Spot and the Go For Broke. I have purged a lot and have items up for sale (things I know I’ll never use) and am finding definite homes for everything. If it doesn’t fit, then it doesn’t get to stay!!

    All the best with your clean up. Can’t wait to see the progress!!

  4. avatar

    Good Luck….I am putting off the tidy up of my room…I have done little bits, like my desk but it needs a really good sort too….so wish you all the best :)

  5. avatar

    Good luck! Sounds like you are ready!

  6. avatar

    good for you… good for you.. I need to go for broke myself.. I just need to drum up the courage! I know exactly how you are feeling.. just think of how u will feel afterwards! hugs xo Can’t wait to see the pics! hugs xo bonitarose in Fargo

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    Beth says:

    I can vouch for the effectiveness of the 2Peas challenge. My room was a disorganized mess…now I can actually find things which makes scrapping faster and much more fun! So good luck…you will love the results!

    Oh, and most kids I know could eat frozen pizza every day and love it…so I think you’re safe!

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    Jill T says:

    Good to hear from you…you always crack me up! I’m a piler too and it drives my husband C-R-A-Z-Y! Good luck with the cleaning/organization.

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    Brenda (2ps:elleceebee) says:

    Good luck to you. I’m a piler, too, so I can certainly relate. How long should we give without hearing from you before calling in the Coast Guard? You might get lost. I look forward to seeing the photos

  10. avatar

    Too funny! How this post from your blog ended up in my mail box has to be divine intervention.
    You made me laugh, made me cry because I see myself in those piles. I am a piler and my idea of cleaning and organizing has been to just move the piles from one place to another.
    But I just moved, and I moved to a home that has my own scrap room. I purged for two months before the move and now have everything where I need. What a true delight to find things where they belong, to have room to work, have a decorated & organized place is inspiring in itself.
    Best of luck, don’t become discouraged. It’s sooooo worth the effot & heartache.

  11. avatar

    Rooting for ya to “just do it!”

  12. avatar
    cheryl potzner says:

    and when your done, you can help me!! LOL…Please just pass the tips on how you did it for supply junkies like me. I too need a pile cleaning fairy. :]

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