Yep, for all the ups and downs and critiques of Creating Keepsakes magazine, it’s still my favorite and the one I most look forward to each month. This month held a special treat…upon opening to the first page, you’ll see an add for Marcella by K at Target. The ad shows off MbyK’s new line called “Lemon Drop.”

{I’m leaving a space here for a picture of the Lemon Drop line, which I can’t find online quite yet. If anyone sees this line anywhere, please direct me towards it. The pic in the ad makes it look very cool!}

And the best part is a Target coupon for $2 off a “Marcella by K scrapbook album.” It’s good through 7-10-08 but hop to shoppin’ now while you’re thinking about it! Besides, raise your hand if you think any of these cute Lemon Drop albums will even be left on the shelves by 7-10-08…yeah, I don’t think so either.

ETA 4/19/08: Went by my Tarjay lastnight and no sign of any Lemon Drop goodness. I will persist!

Since we’re talking coupons, also check out CK May 2008, page 31 for this from ADDICTED TO SCRAPBOOKING.COM: “Order now and receive a FREE GIFT of your choice, with any purchase of $25 or more. Enter promo code: SBAMPCK. Offer good through 5/20/08. Search ‘free gifts’ to choose yours!”

Check out page 34 for some free downloads for recipe card templates. Okay, well that’s as far as I got in my new issue of CK lastnight before falling asleep. If I find more goodies, I’ll be sure to share them with y’alls…Have a great super day!

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    I love CK…even though I have ups and downs with them too.

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    Thanks for the ‘heads-up’ on all the coupon deals. I’m off to check out the Lemon Drop Line…you got me curious.

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    now, if only my may issue would get here . . . thanks for the info, erika!!

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    Ericka- thanks for reminding me! I had looked through the mag and have forgotten all the goodies in the ads. I need to sit down and go through the mag again and pay more attention to what I am looking at.

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    Sorry to comment on an old post but did you find any of the Lemon Drop items? I went to Target yesterday and they had a HUGE clearance. In there was some of the Lemon Drop stuff. (cheap cheap cheap). Do you have a picture of everything that was in the line? Just curious because i haven’t been able to find it.

    I put all the items on my blog that I got and how much I saved. Not that I really needed anything! LOL

    PS: Great Blog – I am going to bookmark it and add it to my list of things to read up on!

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    Hi Jodi ~ Thanks for visiting. I hope you will come back often and leave more comments :) No, I don’t have photos of the line and couldn’t find any when I searched to research this post :( The only thing I ever saw at my Target was the red 8×8 album with little white polka dots. I ended up using that coupon on a different album altogether, LOL. I read your blog, and I’m jealous of the raging deals you got!

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