MS craft room

See all of Martha Stewart’s craft room HERE.

What I like:
~ The pretty apple green cabinetry that’s all built in, and maximizes an awkward loft space.
~ The buckets and jars of goodies that you can SEE, because see = use.
~ The plexi slice-and-fit acrylic dividers inside the scissor drawer. I assume you can really personalize those to fit any drawer and type/size of item.
~ The large, shallow drafting-type drawers where she stores all her fabrics – nice and easy to see.
~ The sewing machine hooked up to the laptop. Wowza. I’m don’t sew but that’s kewl. Is that how all of you who sew do it now?
~ The large counters – I would LOVE to have that much counter space.

I notice she has shelves that accomodate her 18×18 scrapbooks and papers. Hmm…a Martha Stewart scrapbook furniture line in the works, perhaps?? As always when I see these rooms, I’m jealous of such a pretty, organized, and fresh looking craft space. Do you like? What ideas do you take away from Martha’s room?

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    Hmmm,what i like? The freakin house it is in!!!!!!! Seriously, love the green and neutral, so calming. makes me want to sit down and scrap.

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    Unbelievable! I mean, does the woman actually do all her own crafts?

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    Hey, I’m no Martha, but if I was, I would have a room like that and an army of ‘help’ to clean up behind me :D

    In the meantime, this is my humble

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    I love it. I want it. Heh-heh…

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    sunnyncolorado says:

    Ohhh the stuff we could do if we had rooms like that. What a room she has. Totally drooling here.

    Wanted to say thanks to this blog you have been doing. It is always an absolute joy to read and see. Keep it up girlie!!!! Kudos!


    Also you have been tagged!!!!! Can’t run, can’t hide! lol

    Topic: 7 random facts about me

    and you need to tag 7


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    Oh my gosh!! i love it. It is photos like that, that get me going on cleaning up on of our “extra” bedrooms and turning it into a craft room.

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