Gypsy, Gypsy, Gypsy! I’ve been hearing this name for months, and I have purposely ignored it. Like a 2nd grader with my fingers plugging my ears while I sang, “La la la! I. can. not. hear. yooooooo!” All I knew was that it was some kind of handheld gadget that interacts with your CRICUT machine. I “only” have a first-generation BABY BUG

So I figured this Gypsy thang didn’t even apply to me, that it was for the fancy dancy EXPRESSION.

And I figured if the Gypsy DID apply to the Baby Bug, I would still ignore it til it went away.

Do not. Need. More scrapbooking gadgets.

I tell ya’, it was hard to resist researching the Gypsy; I like to talk about new products here so we can all be edu-muh-cated together. I successfully avoided knowing what a Gypsy really was for a long time … until tonight.

As always, I recorded HSN SCRAPBOOKING and it happened to still be on when I turned on the TV tonight. JINGER ADAMS from ProvoCraft was presenting…

They had me at “hello.”

So let me tell you what I learned by watching the Gypsy demo on HSN tonight:

It’s a little handheld thing that you can carry in your purse, and “design on the go” … sitting at the doctor’s office, whatever. You save your designs, then cut them when you get home.

Yeah, it’s expensive … freakin’ $300 even on HSN. The price during the “World Launch” is $299.95 and the regular HSN price will be $349.95. But you get a bundle that’s worth $483.96, with a sleeve, carrying case, stylus, AC adapter, car charger, cartridge connect card, 2 cartridges pre-loaded (Gypsy Font and Gypsy Wanderings), and a Don Juan cartridge. And they have free shipping tonight. And 5 flex pays of only $60. They couldn’t make it more tempting if they tried.

HSN hostess SUZANNNE RUNYON pointed out that “craft stores” (we know she means Michaels) will sell the Gypsy for $299, with no extras, and you CANNOT use the coupon. Just so ya know…

On the screen, you can view and layout a mat that is 6×12″, 12×12″ or 12×24″, just like the mats for the different Cricuts. Yep, I can use it with my Baby Bug, after all. Curses!

ALL available Cricut cartridges can be viewed on Gypsy, but you can only cut from the ones you actually own. It’s a great way to preview what’s on each of the cartridges to see if you like them and would use them.

You can update your Gypsy via your computer, so the cartridges and features will always be up-to-date.

The sizes you can cut things are not restricted by the 1/4 inch like on the Cricut…you can get them down the decimal. For instance, Jinger designed something that was 2.14 inches or something.

There is a Search function. Jinger did a search on “flowers” and it pulled up every flower from every Cricut cartridge ever made.

——– You can weld words. ———–

You can drag and drop your design all around the “mat” so it cuts where you want it to.

Then I started searching around online and found some more 4-1-1, like this:

You can buy Gypsy accessories beyond what comes in the HSN bundle:

Silicon Skins in many designs
Screen protectors
Colored styluses
Colored lanyards

So, yeah, now of course, I want a Gypsy.


My last concern, my last saving grace, was the fact that Cricut has not been overly Mac-friendly (i.e., Design Studio is PC-only), and I have a Mac so I’m safe, right? The Gypsy prolly doesn’t work for us Mac Girlz {fingers crossed, oh please please please please…). So I went to the Gypsy FAQ PAGE and here is what I found:
How is the Gypsy™ updated/upgraded?
The Gypsy™ is updated by connecting it to a PC or a MAC with an Internet connection.

Does the Gypsy™ work with Macintosh computers?
Yes, the Gypsy will be compatible with MAC OS10.


Well, there goes that!

Okay, one last ditch effort to NOT want a Gypsy, although I admit it’s weaker than Denny’s coffee: The Gypsy fonts probably suck so THAT will be the reason I can say no this gadget. I found the images for GYPSY FONT and GYPSY WANDERINGS. And I saw them on the display boards during the HSN demo, where they’re all cut out with colored cardstock and you can see them much better. Guess what? Yeah, LOVED them! And the DON JUAN font, too, which you can normally only get when you buy a Cricut CREATE. They’re all very versatile with cool images that I would definitely use.

I couldn’t copy a Don Juan sample here, so click THIS to see one, please.

HERE is the link to all the Gypsy information by Cricut. HERE are a bunch of demo videos. You gotta check out the ROGUE GYPSIES … too funny!

If you’d like to see the HSN presentation, check out the rest of the HSN Scrapbooking shows I see on their schedule.


These are PST; look HERE if you need to run another time zone.

If you want the Gypsy now but, like me, can’t afford it and really shouldn’t get it, check HERE and see if the Peas can talk you down off the ledge. They make some good points: Use an iPhone app to do the same thing. Use all that money for other scrappy stuff, SCAL, or Design Studio. For a bit more, buy an Expression. Use a coupon code, try to win one, or wait for the price to come down. You know, that kind of thing…

ETA 9/24/09: I very much WANT a Gypsy, but I’m not getting one anytime soon. Not in my budget :( And I can’t ask for it for Christmas, as my big-ticket Christmas gift has already been purchased by my DH and mom….I asked for a new set of crop bags. Will do a post on those soon…

So, what do you think about the Gypsy? Is it a “must have” or can you resist it’s magnetic pull?

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  1. avatar
    Melina says:

    I don’t have a cricut…this looks like an an expensive investment

  2. avatar

    just wanted to say that i LOVE your blog. so informative and entertaining. I will be watching your new ‘scrap room’ take hold. As scrapbookers- we grow- so does I need for space. I am a 12 year scrapper and I actually am downsizing my space as the years go by- too funny..your expanding and I am downsizing..

    anyhoo- I really enjoy reading your post. Your blog is in my top 5 that I check EVERYDAY.

    now off to do some organizing in my scraproom- what else..!

  3. avatar

    I work for HSN and am watching it launch today! It is PHENOMINAL! I urge all you Cricuteers to hop on and BUY IT before it sells out!!!

  4. avatar

    Yep – If I was waffling before reading your blog – no longer. Still want one, just trying to decide which benefits us more – a gypsy, or those new car tires ROFL. Maybe by Christmas??

  5. avatar

    Oh, Good for you! I bought the HSN bundle as well! I was so excited. But I promised my DH that I wouldn’t use “Household Money” to buy
    So I used some Birthday money (we have a big family) and some money I won from Work Incentives. Still alot of money but can’t wait to get my hands on it:) I love your blog!

  6. avatar

    It is a must have. I ordered it today on the 5 pay plan from HSN. It comes with a TON of goodies that Michaels isn’t offering.

    I gave my baby bug to a friend, so now I can load her carts onto my Gypsy and she can in turn use some of mine….

    WIN WIN!

  7. avatar

    I bought this today on HSN!!!!! Looked at other sites that offered for less and by the time you get free ship and the extras, it is a really good deal on HSN. Have many carts and can’t wait to linkthem all together and have the design studio as well. Endless possibilities and don’t have to flip thru all of the carts for a design to use. In one word: TIMESAVER

  8. avatar

    OMG I cannot believe I decided to read this post! I too have been trying to avoid the GYPSY! I even watched HSN, believe it or not for the first time ever because my Mom was like they have scrapbooking stuff on HSN right now go to channel 22! ofcourse I did only to find the Gypsy was on right then. I had recieved an email months ago about it and I was like there is no way I need that. Just another tool to waste my money on and let alone more of a distraction than facebook is to my study time. I actually even had myself convinced this morning that I DID NOT need this new tool. But then I read this and I am going to have to tell my bf about this and hope that he can better convince me that I still do not need this :)

    wonderful post however

  9. avatar

    ABSOLUTLY loved your blog!! I too am trying to withstand the urge to run out and spend my money on the Gypsy. I am new to the cricut obsession and was fortunate enough to win some money at the casino so that I could buy my Cricut Expression and 8 cartridges without having to also file for a divorce!! I don’t know how I got along before it! I work in a daycare and my husband coaches football and we have 9 kids….can you visualize all the projects I can use this on! Needless to say, I’m going back to the casino this weekend…if I win, I’m getting my Gypsy!!

  10. avatar

    thanks for all the info! wonder if you know: word in my ‘hood is that we can all “pool” our carts, load onto our own gypsy and wah-la-i have their carts? is that true? or do carts have a “window’s like” knowledge and the carts can only be loaded on one gypsy….hmmm.

    i want SCAL, i think i’ll have better use for that, but should probably check out 2peas and cricut board to hear the sides…

  11. avatar

    I want the gypsy so bad I could cry! ROFL

  12. avatar

    Yeah I’m weak,so I bought one. I also tried to tell myself I don’t need it because I only have the Baby bug.(Yeah right!) Did I mention that I also own a Pazzles Inspiration, the newest one? I bought that fron HSN also on the day it debuted in 2008

    I got the Gypsy today and if I hadn’t watched EVERY HSN presntation, I wouldn’t have any idea of what to do with it, because it has NO INSTRUCTIONS included. OH MY BAD, it does tell you to push and hold the button to turn it on, BUT NOTHING ELSE. What’s wrong with Provo Craft and HSN? What brand of crack are they smoking? I guess they both figured if you are enough of a Cricut fan to buy it, you would be willing to figure it out on your own. Heh Heh Heh. It’s also very convenient that HSN has removed the ability to write a review for it. They don’t want the early birds to point out anything that might discourage anyone who missed it but still wants one. I’m still playing with it, maybe I’ll keep it maybe I’ll sell it for a nice little profit on eBay. I will post an update on it at

  13. avatar

    Have it.. love it…recommend it! Download the 37 page manual at provcraft and get playin!! whoo hooo

  14. avatar
    PaulineM says:

    I got my gypsy and love the feature that helps you look through the cartridges for a specific image. will not display all of them . For instance I put in Sea Horse and it only displays a couple of cartridges with a sea horse not all the cartridges. the list goes on

    1. avatar

      Hi, saw your comment about looking up stuff on Gypsy. I’m not sure what you mean. Like I put in Bowling ball the other day and it didn’t come up with anything, so I assumed there are no bowling ball die cuts that exist with cricut?? Are you saying that it only showed you some of the sea horse die cuts and there is more? or it didn’t show you any sea horses?? LOL. I get confused easily.. LOL I’m curious

  15. avatar

    I still have the Gypsy demo that aired on HSA on my DVR… I haven’t watched it, and still trying not to watch it!! If you can wait, so can I!!! I could see the price dropping, that’s just too much right now. Or if I get tempted really soon, I would get the SCAL…

  16. avatar

    I’m still playing and learning with my Gypsy. I still really enjoy it. I’ve used it mostly at home. Not really on the road or at dr.s appts. etc. Most fun thing I’ve done so far was to make a title using letters from 4 different cartridges within like 1 minute! Also because there is so much on each cartride, it really is nice to type in what ur looking for. It found me things on my cartridges I didn’t know I had.. LOL. I’ll check back after a few more days of playing.

  17. avatar
    Jenny McGee says:

    After seeing this post, I watched HSN scrapbooking show. But the Gypsy was sold out. I still don;t really know much about it, I don’t have a Cricut either, so I guess it does not matter.

  18. avatar
    Candace says:

    Just got sucked in…………lol,brought one today

  19. avatar

    Okay, so I got the Gypsy for a present after I already spent the money on the Design Studio! I do love the fact that I can design anywhere but I am having trouble with the welding feature. Can anyone help me or can suggest a website besides I went to Michaels yesterday for a demo and that wasn’t much a help. Help me!!

    1. avatar

      Download the manual and it tells you how to weld the words together

  20. avatar

    Hi Kat, ya, I’m still fumbling with that feature too. Did you d/l the Gypsy manual?? I haven’t had time lately to play much with my Gypsy. I’ve tried to pick up the manual now and again. I’ll read it, and then I’ll forget it and have to go back and do step by step. LOL. If I see anything specific on web about welding or have an easier go at it, I’ll let you know.

  21. avatar
    cardmakerplus says:

    I am resisting it. Want it yes, but for that price… I will have to think hard and long…
    the thing that bothers me is …
    a) the Cricut cost a lot only to have the new ones come out soon after I could FINALLY afford the 1st. one, how long before they “improve” this one?
    b) the cartridges cost a lot unless you can get them on sale and even then are still expensive.
    c) my friends and I (to save money) swap cartrideges and share….. ONLY….
    d) with the Gypsy you CAN”T “share” because they are putting something on it (like an ID#) so that you can not use anyone elses cartridges!
    EX. If you plug a friends cartridge in your gypsy and then they go out and buy one they can’t use their cartridges in the gypsy they bought because it is already in mine!. Doesn’t seem right. Even in WII game system( and other game systems like it) you can use each others games and accessories with out having it not be able to be used again on your own machine.
    So in my opinion if I have to go out and buy all the cartridges to put into the thing then I’m not going to be able to afford it anyway.

  22. avatar
    Carletta Granado says:

    I too was trying to avoid buying…but, I saw the more recent HSN show last night and the price was great with an additonal ‘Destinations’ cartridge added. I gave in and am now counting my days to November 12th.

    I am fairly new to scrapbooking and became a Cricut owner a little less than 2 years ago. But, how amazing the little bug has made my projects more easier and quicker! It is still hard to find time to sit down and actually complete a project or two at once. I have three kids ranging from 10 to 7 and they keep yelling for ‘Mom’. But, I love my little bug when I finally have time to myself at midnight.

    Needless to say, I am definitely looking forward to when the delivery man knocks at my door next week. Yippee!

  23. avatar
    Charlotte Sethman says:

    Can anyone help me? I bought the Gypsy last week. I used it with my Cricut cutter, and now my Gypsy won’t turn off. It is frozen. Now what do I do.

    1. avatar
      meryle says:

      there is a tiny hole at the back of the gypsy and you insert a blunt tipped needle and press the gypsy will reset itself

  24. avatar

    I would definately call them at 1-800-937-7686. Good luck!

  25. avatar
    Charlotte Sethman says:

    I called. They told me to unscrew the top off of the stylus. There is a long pin. Put the pin into the small hole in the back of the gypsy and push till clicks. It shut my gypsy off. Don’t turn on for 30 min. The lady said the gypsy had brain freeze. Works for me.

  26. avatar
    NANCY HOAG says:


  27. avatar
    Liz in CA says:

    That is BS. So we are not free to use a friend’s cartridge at a scrapping meet, because if we do, it will be ‘locked’ in to our machine forever?! Forget that! This is not inspiring me to buy anything.

    1. avatar
      Jessica says:

      You can use their cartridge, I do it all the time. you can’t link the cartridges to 2 gypsy machines.

  28. avatar
    Harmony says:

    I had a Gypsy that would shut off on it’s own, so after 5 calls, they sent me a “new” Gypsy. This one shuts off more than the last! I called yet AGAIN about this “new” Gypsy and this time spoke directly to Mark the manager of Gypsy, he essentially blew me off!!! I am so very disappointed with PC right now! I am an extremely loyal costumer, having almost every maching they make and many cartridges, not to mention the other misc PC products and now I get ignored when they produce a crap product. Unless I get resolution with my Gypsy, I will NEVER recomend another PC product again.

    1. avatar
      Timmiria says:


      I’m still on the fence with purchasing a Gypsy. Did your problem ever get resolved?

  29. avatar

    So sorry for your troubles Harmony. I would be as mad a He** too! They should not blow you off, because if you tell a friend and then they tell a friend, and so on and so on.. that is really bad for business considering a lot of the craft companies are coming up with all kinds of materials, tools and machines just like Provo Craft and any loss of business is a bad loss of business. I am going to a crop this weekend, there will be about 60 people there. I will be sure to tell them about your bad customer service. Good luck, I hope it does finally get resolved.

  30. […] or something. Mr. iPhone has no image stabilization whatsoever. Anyhow, “skins” for the GYPSY were on the Clearance already. I don’t remember seeing them prior to this. Is that the […]

  31. avatar
    Hummergirl says:

    Convinced I didn’t need GYPSY, I bought it a month ago. I LOVE it!! I scrapbook and make cards. I think of it as my own personal command center. I purchased 2 Cricut Expressions over a year ago for my mother and me. Yes there is a learning curve to Gypsy. I printed the manual online, placed it in a folder and referred to it many times at first. I grunted and groaned for 3 days until things started to click. It was fast and easy to link cartridges, get updates, and sync our machines. I wanted G primarily for welding words, but found other useful things like kerning [the adjustment of spaces between letters], making quantities, and manipulate them on the page. I’ve used every feature and found the flip and can find things easily in search then shows which cart it’s in. I like being able to view new carts, design something and save it, then search the big E auction site for the cart.

    Now I carry a small bag with Gypsy and cords versus my huge rolling duffle and rolling craft bag. I’ve never had any problems as others have mentioned but learned that the top of the stylus unscrews to reveal a long pin, which when inserted into the small hole on the back, resets your Gypsy.

    Gypsy is fun and easy. If I don’t want to wait for it to boot up, I can cut the old way. You don’t need to insert the cartridge or use the overlay to cut. Gypsy is not worth the investment unless you use it. Prices are coming down from when I bought it at half the retail price. I got the Cherry Blossom sleeve which is so pretty.

    Gypsy has rendered my Design Studio and Jukebox useless. So glad I didn’t buy 2 or 3 Jukeboxes stacking one on top of the other.

    Be patient and hang in there. Gypsy is worth it. Prices are falling on the E auction site. Good luck!

    1. avatar
      corrine Cooper says:

      Thank you for the info on the reset button. I had no idea it was there nor that the stylus had the pin to put in the reset button. My gypsy froze up after I updated it overnight- it took forever and then I could not turn it off or see anything. My one complaint about provocraft is the lack of clear information. Why should we have to search the web for answers? After all that my update wasn’t even there?! Frustrating!

  32. avatar


    I enjoy my Gypsy too. However, the stylus that goes with the gypsy is a piece of crapola! I dropped my, literally from a sitting positon to the ground, and the whole tip broke off.. just snapped. I bought another one and same flippin thing happened. I did write provocraft because I’m wicked pissed! So ladies watch those stylus..they’re not made as strong as they look!

  33. avatar
    Hummergirl says:


    Hmmm, who knew? Thanks for the tip. Now I’m aware. I have the original and the pink that came with the Cherry Blossom sleeve. Lately, I just use my finger. In the short time I’ve had it, I can consider myself Gypsy savvy!

  34. avatar

    Glad your heads up with the sylus… Scrapbooking tools are so expensive that sometimes it’s a kick in the rear when something breaks so easily…uggg! Well have fun gypsying away out there!!! I have a day full of appointments tomorrow so Ms. Gypsy will be traveling with me for waiting room down time!! lol

  35. avatar
    Hummergirl says:

    Anyway, will someone please tell me why HSN is the place to buy Cricut products? Prices are high, plus you pay tax, and shipping in most cases. Cartridges are expensive and the newest ones are not available there. Let’s face it, if you’ve invested in Cricut machines – you’re in it for the long haul, meaning you’re going to want all the newest and latest which are pricey. Scads of reputable people sell Cricut products on the big E auction site. I get free shipping and no tax if I buy from a seller from another state instead of mine. Some start at 99 cents to generate bids. I just purchased ROBOTZ which I’m so excited to get in mid-April, 39.99 buy it now, free shipping and no tax. I just received Just Because Cards, Sweet Treats, and Songbirds, all under $40 each and free shipping and no tax. When these hit the stores they will be $90 plus tax! I wouldn’t have 70+ cartridges if I paid near retail or retail.

  36. avatar

    Try even cheaper!

  37. avatar
    Hummergirl says:

    Oh My Yes! I’ve shopped them too. Got great deals like the 3 in 1 package – Dinosaurs, Pagoda and Old West; other carts; the Jukebox and Design Studio package; tons of embossing folders, The Sizzix Texture Boutique that looks like the little purse for $16 and on and on. I get their emails daily with coupons.

  38. […] may have been the release of the CRICUT GYPSY, which is an awesome gadget (I talk about wanting one HERE) but the retail price … $300 … was a bit steep for most everyone I spoke to about it. […]

  39. avatar
    Michelle says:

    Hi everyone. Dont know if you know or not but I was able to get my gypsy on line for 100.oo no S & H.

  40. avatar
    Nancy D says:

    I just ordered a Gypsy. I held off as long as I could. I played with a friends for an hour or so one day and still held off another 6 months… But in the end I gave in. I found it for $149, and with the new deal they have to download 6 cartridges for free (even though I have all but 2 of them) well, it was just too good to pass up. I have the original Cricut and the Expression, but I don’t see myself getting the Imagine anytime soon. Like the rest, the price will come down after a year or two:)

  41. avatar
    Heather says:

    Ok, I really want a gypsy and I think the hubby is ready to cave. But, what I really need to know is, since I only have the original cricut personal cutter, will I be able to turn designs so I can cut them larger than 5 1/2 inches tall?

  42. avatar
    Jennie Hernandez says:

    need to update my gypsy and don’t know how to do it

  43. avatar
    Jessica says:

    i just bought the same bundle mentioned for $120 on They sell tons of stuff for a fraction of the other guys and are an authorized dealer.

  44. avatar
    Dana Martin says:

    You are the best and ROCK girlfriend and totally scrappy-addicted-like me-girlfrind! I love the way you write..just like I think and talk too. lol. Yup I had and still do alot have my fingers in my ears singing LaLaLa and having a love-hate relationship with my baby bug (which now has another mommy and home but is back here for a vistit until I can figure out what bug to buy next…geesh! what a merry go round in reviews this is on E2 and Craft (crap?)Room vs the mini bug). Anyway. Any thoughts! I do “need” a bug in the house again but don’t know if to buy another baby with a gypsy or what!???
    thanks again!

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