Love it!

The craft store I go to regularly has a Man Section by the front door. There’s a couch, magazines, and a television. I told them if they’d add a mini fridge with beer, they’d get more takers ;)

My husband won’t step foot in a scrapbook or craft store. Heck, I can’t even get him to go into Costco but that’s another story. So, yeah, he would be the skeleton waiting outside in the Adirondack chair.

“Just a few minutes, I swear! I only need a few things . . . ”

Does your hubby go into scrapbook stores with you, wait outside, or not even approach the zip code?

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    Juliana says:

    I found this quite funny when thinking about it! But my hubby goes everywhere with me. He is a chauffeur and does all the driving. The craft stores are not his first choice but he goes in and follows me around. He even has good suggestions sometimes. I could not image shopping without him, it happens once in a while and it feels odd when he is not there.

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    Mary says:

    My husband doesn’t always go into scrap & craft store but he does sometimes.Sometimes he goes in & looks with me. Sometimes he looks around for himself. He does projects. He helps me pick things out or buys me items or tells me not to but there are times he’ll just wait in the car or goes to other stores..

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    Diane O. says:

    My husband drops me off and goes next door to Bed, Bath & Beyond and checks out the wine glasses! Most of the time I go on my own, so I can take my time and scope out the whole store (Michaels or Beverlys).

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    Julie S. says:

    My husband goes with me sometimes. Heck, he sometimes will make a 40 min. drive with me to a store up in MI just so I don’t have to go by myself. He’s always asking about new tools etc… I think this is how he gets my Christmas wish list. And as an engineer, he often has valuable input on design and construction of something that is stuck in my head but I’m not sure how to make it real. Know what I’m saying. I am a lucky lady!

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    I’m impressed by these ladies who have husbands who actually shop with them. Mine is super supportive and will drive me anyplace out of the way and tell me to take as much time as I want…as long as he has his iPhone. :) His “hobby” is reading the news, so he’ll happily sit anywhere and catch up on his favorite sources while I shop around.

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    Julia L. says:

    My hubby actually does go in with me, he often points stuff out to me and gives me suggestions on things I could make with them! A long time ago, he insisted on going in with me shopping at the crafty big box stores and he would complain and complain about them being “life sucking stores”… well I finally got sick of it and told him that he didn’t have to come with me! Cut to today and I think he still doesn’t find the big box stores that interesting, but he really seems to like going to the mom and pop LSS.

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