My Scrap Sister ANGIE posted THIS link on the message board today…it’s a detailed look at the recent scrapbook/craft room makeover done by famous scrapper, DONNA DOWNEY.

Donna has been the subject of CONTROVERSY recently, but I’m not even gonna go there…that’s a post for another day. A day filled with lots of chocolate cake washed down with dirty martinis. I just don’t have the strength right now…Go ahead, read that 2peas thread, and then the link within the thread and you’ll see what I mean. I just can’t go there without being quite fortified with chocolate and vodka.

Okay, well!

Let’s just talk about her room makeover, shall we? If you’re not a DD fan ~ or say you’re even an official Hater ~ just pretend I’m talking about, ummmmm, my “friend” Dee Dee’s room, okay? Will that make it possible for you to be objective, to enjoy the room for what it is? Hope so. If not, go have some cake and a ‘tini, come back, and try again. See, doesn’t cake and a ‘tini make everything better? Yeah, Mama knows….


Here is what DD’s scrap room used to look like:

And here is what it looks like now:

Quite a change, yes?

HERE is a whole series of photos of her old room, the makeover process, and the final product. What I would do if I were you (and I know you’re very glad that I’m NOT) is I would page back through all those photos and look at them in order. They will make a lot more sense that way, I promise.

As you can see, DD already had an amazing creative space, one we would all consider ourselves lucky to have. I have written many times of my love of and coveting of the Ikea EXPEDIT, especially those big honkin’ ones she had. I get slap happy just thinking about how organized I could be with all those cubes, wonderful cubes!

So I was already supremely jealous of the girl. I loved the French doors, the green shade on the walls, the large table space in the middle of the room, and all the wonderful organization. Then she goes and becomes a RUNNER, which is so amazing and inspirational to me. I see people like DD make a commitment like this, and it makes me believe I could actually do it, too. THEN she goes and re-does her room into a pretty close replica of my dream scrapbook room.

I am envious of her to say the least. Especially envious of anyone who can spend $4,500 (plus a new computer) on re-doing a perfectly good craft studio right now, at the same time I’m eating Top Ramen for lunch and working three jobs. Jealous, jealous, jealous…I’m not even gonna lie.

Back to her new room…I encourage you to watch the great video she posted to get the scoop straight from Donna….emmmm…I mean “DD.”

Things I love best about the room:

– Cute red Ikea bookshelf…the color, the way it makes great use of the corner, the different style of it
– The eclectic glass knobs on the drawers, keeping all that white furniture from being too industrial
– The color of the walls….that pretty blue is my dream scrapbook room color, so light and fun and inspiring
– All that counter space and closed storage space, under the counters and inside the island
– The accent colors, i.e. the whole color scheme of the room; that’s what I would’ve picked my own self
– All the fun art and deco things that make it her own and a special place she wants to create in every day

I just adore this room and ~ controversies aside ~ wanted to share it with you and see what you think. Are you loving it as much as I am? If not, what would your “dream scrapbook room” look like? Feel free to post links to photos, or just describe it to us :)

I’m just here with my chocolate cake and dirty martinis, and all the time in the world…

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    Love your review, always do. Very nicely handled…that’s all I’m gonna say. Now, the question is…are you gonna go torquiose, too? ;)

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    wow…the ‘you are right where you should be’ framed art is front and center on DD’s wall. Just read about the whole mess over at 2 peas…a real soul-searcher.

  3. avatar

    I love the “you are right where you should be.” I love all those cubes…the new one is lovely, but the old one was nice too. It is almost a weird before and after…kinda makes me think the before was too nice to be a “before.” Love the color on the walls too!

  4. avatar

    Well, I liked the original space. My dream space is one I found in the pea gallery actually…I’ll have to link ya to it someday. It’s a lot more cluttered looking than the streamlined version of Donna’s space. ]

    On a personal note, I think it was poor taste to post the cost of her studio. Put a bad taste in my mouth, not to mention my pocketbook.

  5. avatar

    Seriously? She posted the price? Why? You know, I will mention prices once in a while… but it’s usually goes like this, “yeah, I got this for 5 bucks at the thrift store, cool right?” Anyhoo, personally, I like the coziness of her before room, but eh, I’m not the one workin’ in it.

    1. avatar

      She said something like “….I know you’re curious so I’ll just tell you….$4500”. I about choked. She might as well have added “of YOUR hard earned dollars went to this makeover that I really didn’t need”. Bad, bad, bad, bad, BAD business etiquette.

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    I was checking this out the other day, she was still waiting on the counter tops to be installed. I too like the coziness of the first room, but I am a huge fan of any room that has cabinets and counter tops. (love, love, love Kelli Crowe’s space) Posting the price tag? mmm maybe a bit in bad taste, considering her controversy.

  7. avatar

    I’ll be honest, I liked her room before much better! But hey, it’s her space & not mine ;)

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    Tina Sawyers says:

    Well, that was pretty impressive. I actually liked both rooms, especially when compared to my scrap space, but hey, that’s just me! Thanks for the review, Erika. I always love to see before and after pictures. Plus, anything to inspire me to improve my own space is a good thing.

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    LBOregon says:

    I think I liked the “before” better. Why? Because the new room has a lot of stuff hidden away in those drawers. I’m sure she likes it but for me “out of sight, out of mind”. I’m so scatterbrained that I would either have to hunt thru every drawer for what I want, each time. Or..big ‘ol labels on the drawer fronts which would spoil the look :-)

  10. avatar

    WOW. I liked the old room and the design of your studio. But, I will say I do like the installed cabinet space! I wander, what did you do with the island you had in your old studio. It was nice……..would love to have one like it myself.

  11. avatar
    Stacy says:

    I like the Before room much better! It looks more cozy and classic. The new room is cold and sterile looking. I’m sure she has more work space with the new room, but the green room is really much more appealing to me. $4500? Really?? Like your blog! :)

  12. avatar

    Wow; both rooms are amazing! Wish I had that kind of money to spend on my room! :)

  13. avatar

    I like both rooms. I prefer the first project table and think it would still look wonderful in the new room. I enjoy white in a craft room with splashes of multiple tones of wood. The remodeled space looks more functional and collected. It looks like clear knobs adorn the drawers and think that is an elegant touch on a modern slate. Costs really spiral when redoing any space, it’s better to spend for what you really want than cut corners on something you’ll settle with because of the price tag. I’m in the midst of nesting my studio and would spend what I must to achieve the results I need. I’m not rich, so for me, purchases are spread out and prioritized over time. If I must wait to get it, then I can be patient. Good for you and enjoy your new room!

  14. […] you can see from my post back HERE, I’ve tried to stay out of the fray so far with Donna Downey scandals. If you do a Search on […]

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    I could so use either room for all my crafts
    .buy have not the $$$$$.

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    Stacey says:

    Your room is gorgeous !!!! what’s the color on the walls? I love it

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