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1. Last night, I worked through the night. I’ve officially been up for 37.5 hours. I can’t feel my toes, and my eyelashes hurt…

2. My favorite part of winter is sleeping in flannel sheets. Mmmm….cozy…

3. I love the show, John Edward Cross Country. I cry every time I watch it. I wish he would do a reading for me, and I could hear from my Dad.

4. I think the bestest tortilla chips in the world are Taco Works. Don’t have one! You’ll get addicted…

5. I just got a new job. Don’t ask me about it. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

6. In eighth grade, I survived a race riot at my junior high school.

7. Some things on my Christmas list this year: pj pants and fuzzy socks, Old Navy gift card, Colbie Calliat CD, a housekeeper for one day and the peace to scrap…

This tag brought to you by….Rachel/CKMB SunnyinColorado!! Here is RACHEL’S BLOG. Head on over there if you want to check out more of her super cool ornaments.

rachels ornament

I think everyone has done this tag by now…but ifya haven’t – please join in, and link it here so we can learn about your randomness :)

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    sunnyncolorado says:

    Ahhh, flannel sheets. I think I am gonna put them on today. It got quite chilly last night. Toes are still cold. Even with fuzzy socks.

    I so want to visit with John Edwards too! Would love to here from my Momma.

    Hey thanks for posting an ornament! It looks fabulous! I would like to put out a “Thank You” to my Cordelia for being such a good holder while I took the pics. lol….

    Get some sleep!!!
    Toodles and sweet dreams,

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    37.5 straight hours of work?? And I thought I was a work-a-holic, but I’m fairly sure you have me beat! I enjoyed reading your seven random facts. One of my favorite things about the cold weather here in WA is that I get to bundle up in my flannel PJs and then hop into my flannel sheets! Gotta love cold weather :)

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    WOW!!! Before my MIL past away she said GO SEE John Edwards and I will be sure to talk to you through him!! I have not given up on that happening some day!! I adored her and would soooo love to hear she is well! I miss her today as if she just left us yesterday! It has been 7 yrs now. I hope you get a chance to talk with your dad some day through John!!

    Rachels work is beautiful!! I sooo love those decorations!!

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    Love it!! beautiful!

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