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    kayersk says:

    Well don’t that beat all! I just renewed my subscription too! Arrrgggghhhh!

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    I don’t know but… this made my jaw drop. I’m in shock. Honestly, I didn’t think it was that bad! Even though I don’t do any digital scrapbooking and have only heard of this magazine, I still feel sad for them. How sad! It makes me worry about the magazine I’m suscribed too, btw…

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    Magazines are expensive to produce and there are not enough “big players” in the digital scrapbooking universe to buy those $3000 full-page ads. And, if they don’t have the ads, they can’t offer decent subscription prices. And, there may have not been enough subscribers to make up for the lack of ad revenue.

    Some are thinking this has to do with the health of the digital scrapbooking industry. IMO, it has NOTHING to do with that. It just acknowledges the fact that a print magazine devoted to digital scrapbooking isn’t profitable. Magazines aren’t printed as a community service. If they don’t make money, they are shut down.

    All but one of the trade magazines are gone now. There were 5, but now there’s one. All of them died in the last year. I predict there will be MORE consumer magazines going next. Vendors just aren’t interested in buying ad space anymore. I can get ad space at HALF PRICE now in any magazine I choose.

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    Elise Leung says:

    No wonder I couldn’t find it anywhere, I have been searching everywhere. I loved that magazine, great for beginners, lots of inspiration. What a bummer!!!!

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