it !!!!!!

My little ol’ blog rolled over 100 stinkin’ thousand hits today!!! That’s 100,000 times someone has been nice enough to click over here and read a bit of sumthin’ sumthin’. I’m so stoked. That makes me feel really, really happy.

Mwuah! Mwuah! I love you guys & please keep reading!

Here’s me having fun in PhotoBooth trying to blow you guys some kisses. Yeah, I’m a dork…


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    YAY YOU!!!!

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    Thanks Nicole! You have been a “loyal reader” and I truly appreciate it :)

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    Congrats!!! :) :)

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    Dee says:

    WTG! Your site is wonderful, and I’m not surprised you’ve had so many hits!! Keep up the great job, and you’ll lose count :-)

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    Way to go!

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    Jingle says:

    Dorks are cool! Congrats! :-)

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    Stacy (ckmb slh1mom) says:

    I go to your blog at least everyday and sometimes more
    when I want to check out everyone else’s blogs.

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    wow…..that is a ton of stuff, hey, love that pic.

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    WOW! Congratulations!! Love the picture

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    Trishamaus2005 says:

    WOW! 100,000 hits, how awesome! Congratulations to a great and successful blog :) Cute picture by the way :)

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    heather says:

    cool pic!!!!

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