Wood veneer Polaroid frames?!?!?

New washi designs???

Adorable puffy stickers that will look super dooper cute in my PL?!?!?

Just when I thought I was being good and my CHA shopping tear was over and done. Then you show me this stuff?!?!? Tell you what: Why don’t I just send you my paycheck every month? Send me all you got, and then whatever $$ is leftover. Deal?

{You can see it all the new stuff for May here: Freckled Fawn May Update}

PS: If you let The Power of Washi overtake you – at Freckled Fawn or anywhere else – make sure to check out a FREE ONLINE CLASS coming up that’s all about washi! I mean, assuming you want to do something more with it than admire all the pretty colors in a glass bowl :)

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    Oh gracious! I think I am a 50 Challenge Peep. This is NOT helping my situation. LOL! Love those wood veneers! And the washi, oh my! TFS! Have a blessed day!

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    I should send them my paycheck too! I love all the new products that keep coming out and of course I can never have too much washi!

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    Cute cute cute :)

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